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A voice from the past back with the secret sauce to you AOM experience...

  • 1.  A voice from the past back with the secret sauce to you AOM experience...

    Posted 14 days ago
    Edited by Ajit Appari 14 days ago
    Hello friends… 
    It has been years since we have seen each other in person and I feel like an email from the past may be in order. So as your former cruise director, I thought I'd share some thoughts on Seattle. For those of you that do not remember, I did my post-doc in Vancouver (Canada) and as a result I travelled often to Seattle because it was close, fun and there was lots to do.
    Getting to/Around Seattle: You might not know that Seattle has a train that goes from the Airport to Downtown. For those of you who like to take transit - its $3 one way. More importantly… there is no traffic which can actually make transit faster to Downtown. I'm at the Fairmont and so I'm getting off at University St. It is a 30 minute trip on transit. The transit system works well - particularly the Line - its 500 ft from the Fairmont if that is your hotel. I was $50 for Uber when I landed. Long story short, make educated and informed choices about transit.
    1.    DIM SUM SUNDAY: The Chinatown area of Seattle is close to the conference and you all know I love my food… in fact, I'm planning to go to Dim Sum on Sunday at noon if you would like to join me. I'll be setting reservations on Friday – so email me at if you want to join us. I'll be going to which is a Taiwanese restaurant, but is noted to have great Dim Sum. They have two places in Seattle and I'll be going to the one in Pacific Place for some Shumai and Har Gow. 

    2.    SEAFAIR/SEATTLE FLEET WEEK: If you arriving early… AOM takes place during the Seafair Weekend Festival ( So lots to do, but the highlight will be that the U.S. Navy Blue Angels will performing in Seattle, which is home to both Boeing and the Museum of Flight ( It is smaller than the Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, OH, but it has some interesting exhibits, including the JFK Air Force One. The Blue Angels will be taking off from the Museum ( if seeing that kind of thing makes you happy. Put another way - this is Fleet Week in Seattle. Look it up! (

    3.   ART WALK/SEATTLE NEIGHBORHOODS: Seattle is a city of quirky neighborhoods. You can find information about the neighborhoods at Most notably, we will be in Seattle for the First Thursday Art Walk - The Longest Running Established Art Walk in the Nation ( in Pioneer Square. The Queen Anne neighborhood has a bunch of bougie/hippie/bohemian shops that can be fun to walk around. Good for shopping.

    4.    RESTAURANTS: Pacific Northwest is a cuisine ( that centralizes on Salmon, seafood, shellfish, and other seafood and game (elk, moose). There are also a lot of berries that are in season, as well as some wild mushrooms.  One of my favorite restaurants is in Washington and it is called The Herb Farm ( The last time I was there, they had a little pig that they fed all the scraps too – I'm sure it was delicious (sorry if that offends, but I like me some pork… especially in my Chile Verde. Reservations are required, and it's a bit of a slog to get there… but Spruce-Glazed Skagit River King Salmon with Nasturtium & Pumpkin Seed Miso is not something I generally make at home and so going somewhere to get it seems like a proper investment.

    There was a great article on TripAdvisor that suggested many of the same one's I would have written about (
    That said, the restaurant around Pike's are frequently considered a highlight… although I find it to be a little touristy. The Pink Door is a Seattle standard with a nice view on the patio of Puget Sound. Then again so are Beecher's cheese curds (I was just in Wisconsin and while theirs are best fried, Seattle's are best fresh). Much of the cuisine has Asian influences because Seattle is a gateway city on the west coast. Generally, you will find great views of the sound, or great food – and rarely will you find both – but you can if you look around
    5.    A PILGRAMAGE TO STARBUCKS: The Original Seattle Starbucks at Pike's Market is a common tourist attraction and is a little hole in the wall. What you really want to see is the Starbucks Roastery ( - tres bougie!

    6.    MUSEUMS: For the more adventurous, I would suggest the Museum of Glass ( in Tacoma and hanging out at the hot shop and watching what goes on. I love glassblowing, but Tacoma is a significant trip.

    A great substitute would be the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in downtown Seattle ( Located next to the Space Needle and the Museum of Pop Culture, Chihuly is one of Seattle's most famous artisans. The whole museum area could be a Sunday trip after Dim Sum…

    7.    BASEBALL: The Seattle Mariners are playing in town against the LA Angels (Aug 5 & 6) and the NY Yankees (Aug 8 & 10). If baseball is your fancy, then Seattle has two options for you.
    8. AND in case you didn't get this on your calendar…. POST CONFERENCE MICRO-CONFERENCE IN DIGITAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT
    On Wednesday, Tuesday August 9th, 7-10pm PST, directly following the Academy of Management (AOM) annual meeting, AOM will be hosting a micro-conference focused specifically on the potential contributions of management approaches to the successful implementation of digital technologies in healthcare. This micro-conference is sponsored by the AOM Health Care Management and Management Consulting Divisions and includes speakers from the Industry, Healthcare Management, Clinical Care and the Academy.
    This Post-AOM Micro-conference on "Digital Health Management" will explore the role of digital transformation and digital technologies in helping health care professionals and organizations. We will discuss the effects of digital technologies on enhancing population health and wellbeing through facilitating the delivery of low-cost, high-quality care. Major topics of discussion will include the:
    • Performance of digital technologies;
    • Contribution of digital health to workers, workflows, and organizations;
    • Public investment related to digital technologies;
    • Perspective of patients and practitioners on digital health;
    • Digital transformation's impact on access to care, competition, cost control, and quality of care;
    • Unintended consequences of digital tools.
    Location:      Live via Zoom.
    Details:          See full program here. The micro-conference is free of charge and open to members and non-members.
    Looking forward to seeing you all in Seattle.

    Timothy R Huerta Ph.D.
    Former AOM Cruise Director
    College of Medicine and the Wexner Medical Center | CRIO & Associate Dean for Research Information Technology
    The Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) | Director of Biomedical Informatics
    The Center for the Advancement of Team Science, Analytics and Systems Thinking (CATALYST) | Core Member
    Department of Family and Community Medicine and Department of Biomedical Informatics | Professor
      The titles never end! 

    Timothy Huerta
    Ohio State U.
    Columbus OH
    (614) 366-6636