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All-Star Lineup: Oct. 26-28, 2023 Academy of International Business-Southeast USA Chapter Conference - Atlanta, GA

  • 1.  All-Star Lineup: Oct. 26-28, 2023 Academy of International Business-Southeast USA Chapter Conference - Atlanta, GA

    Posted 06-05-2023 22:34

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    Extended Submission Deadline: June 15, 2023


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    Academy oInternational Business, SoutheasUSA Chapter



    October 26-28, 2023


    Atlanta, GA



    Conference Chair

    Malika Richards, Ph.D.

    Pennsylvania State University



    Conference Theme

    The Impact of Technology and Social Networks on Global Connectedness


    AIB-SE announces its 2023 annual conference with the theme: The Impact of Technology and Social Networks on Global ConnectednessConnectedness is a state of being joined or linked "socially, emotionally, spiritually, or professionally with others" ( Heuristically, effective social networks should positively influence connectedness across the globe. Unfortunately, over the past two years, there has been an increase in governmental restrictions blocking the flow of digital information, international travel and tourism have been slow to recover to pre-pandemic rates, and the rising trend of nationalism continues to threaten the flow of trade and capital. How can technology, a primary driver of global connectedness, accelerate international trade and protect privacy? Advances in technology may revolutionize global business yet increase inequality, whereby connectedness is decreased. We acknowledge the DHL Global Connectedness Index as a measure of year over year change and call on researchers to provide more nuanced antecedents and outcomes of being linked or joined through this years' conference tracks.


    This year's conference takes place in Midtown Atlanta and Buckhead, a business district within the city of Atlanta, GA.  The conference is co-hosted by both Georgia State University's Robinson College of Business, CIBER and Georgia Institute of Technology's Scheller College of Business, CIBER.

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    AIB-SE 2023 Conference Keynote Speaker
    We are thrilled to announce that our keynote speaker will be Distinguished Scholar, Dr. Peter Buckley!
    AIB-SE 2023 Conference Keynote Speaker
    We are excited to announce that our executive keynote speaker will be YKK Corporation's Jessica Kennett Cork!
    AIB-SE 2023 Doctoral Consortium
    This Doctoral Consortium will be devoted to career management advice and networking. It will be led by co-chairs, Dr. John R. McIntyre and Dr. William Newburry, with presentations from an expert panel of top research scholars and educators. Additionally, doctoral student participants will have an opportunity to present their own research and receive feedback from the expert panelists and fellow consortium participants.

    Teaching International Business: An Interactive Workshop
    The practice of international business continues to evolve in the current environment of mega disruptions and uncertainty. In the meantime, new instructional technologies are being added to the instructor's toolbox. For international business educators, the changing environment of cross-border business implies new and novel approaches to educating the next generation of business leaders.  Among other things, business educators need to reflect such new realities as: risk management, trade conflicts, increased polarization, and a new world order. Our cadre of master teachers are constantly engaged in course development and revision, developing new teaching resources and pedagogy, and innovating new approaches to engage our students, provide experiential opportunities, and equip them with work-ready skills and competencies. Join us for a conversation where we will share our experiences and tools for teaching international business.
    Case Development & Publishing Workshop:
    Case Development & Publishing: From Writing to Teaching Cases
    Want to get a new academic publication, a teaching resource to liven up your classroom debates, and have fun all at the same time? In this workshop, Dr. Kesner and Dr. Garcia will take you on a creative journey with tips and techniques designed to guide you through the process from writing to publishing to teaching case studies. The workshop will educate participants about various types of cases (e.g., traditional cases, archival cases, fictitious cases, dynamic cases, etc.), and then Dr. Kesner and Dr. Garcia will lead participates through an idea generation session. Be prepared to have your passion for writing re-energized!
    Theory Development and Testing: Using Event System Theory as an Example
    In this workshop, Dr. Dong Liu will use his highly cited theoretical article on event system theory (Morgeson, Mitchell, & Liu, 2015) as an example to discuss effective approaches to developing a new organizational theory and maximizing a new theory's contributions to the literature. Dr. Liu will also provide detailed suggestions on how to apply a new theory to examine interesting phenomena and testing the theory's basic notions based on his conceptual and empirical articles (e.g., Liu, Fisher, & Chen, 2018; Jiang, Yin, & Liu, 2019; Chen, Liu, Tang, & Hogan, 2021; Liu, Chen, & Li, 2021 ).
    X-Culture Master Faculty Certificate Workshop
    The X-Culture Project provides a unique experiential learning opportunity for students to participate in a Global Virtual Team (GVT) project, preparing them for careers in a globalized work environment. Who Should Attend? Faculty who will be, or who have experience, incorporating the X-Culture project in their course curriculum. Upon completion of this 3-hour workshop, participants will be awarded an X-Culture Master Faculty Certificate. With a strong emphasis on best practices for GVT collaboration, faculty participants will explore resources that help monitor and evaluate student performance and discover strategies for effective facilitation of the X-Culture project as part of their course curriculum. This workshop is highly interactive. Faculty will work independently and collaboratively to investigate the opportunities and challenges of teaching with X-Culture.

    Malika Richards
    Pennsylvania State University - Berks
    (610) 396-6096