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AOM PDW: Computational Methods for Theory Building: Practices and Struggles (session 814)

  • 1.  AOM PDW: Computational Methods for Theory Building: Practices and Struggles (session 814)

    Posted 07-10-2022 12:21



    AoM PDW

    Computational Methods for Theory Building: Practices and Struggles (session 814)


    In this workshop, we aim to (a) present practical examples of how researchers address struggles associated with combining manual and computational approaches to theory building, (b) help authors who are facing those struggles, (c) discuss how this novel type of work can be reviewed, and (d) provide a forum to discuss the next steps in developing this new methodological stream.

    For those who are interested, there will be roundtables with the panelists at the end of the workshop: Participants who would like to receive feedback on their ongoing or planned projects can submit a short vignette until July 25 (approx. 1-2 pages as PDF to highlighting how they combined computational and manual analysis techniques in their research, and what struggles they faced in understanding, using, or considering using computational methods in their theory development work. Those who have not conducted any such research, but are planning to do so, can submit short descriptions of their intended work, also focusing on their planned combination of manual and computational techniques or related questions.

    Please note that submission of vignettes is not mandatory for participation in the workshop.


    Please get in touch ( should you have any questions.


    Content: There will be presentations by experienced scholars. For those who submit vignettes, these will be discussed in round tables with commentators at the end of the workshop.


    Time & Date: 10:00 PM - 12:30 AM CEST on Sunday, 7 August


    Format: The workshop will be hybrid interactive: Seattle + virtual. On-site participation is encouraged.


    Presenters and Panelists

    Malmi Amadoru, Queensland University of Technology

    Vivianna Fang He, ESSEC Business School

    Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, New York University

    Aron Lindberg, Stevens Institute of Technology

    Shaila Miranda, University of Oklahoma

    Brian Pentland, Michigan State University

    Suprateek Sarker, University of Virginia

    Emmanuelle Vaast, McGill University

    Youngjin Yoo, Case Western Reserve University



    Natalia Levina, New York University,

    Semi Min, New York University,

    Stefan Seidel, University of Liechtenstein,