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Aom PDW Openness in the context of crises: a new paradigm for organizational crisis management

  • 1.  Aom PDW Openness in the context of crises: a new paradigm for organizational crisis management

    Posted 07-24-2023 08:33
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    Openness in the Context of Crises: A new Paradigm for Organizational Crisis Management 

    Saturday, Aug 5 2023 12:00PM - 2:00PM ET at Boston Park Plaza in Grand Ballroom A

    Organizations and societies alike are confronted with challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic, complex geopolitical events, and accelerated information (and misinformation) flows have the potential to result in sudden and massive disruptions with devastating impact. This requires management to reconsider traditional closed responses to crises. In this PDW we seek to examine "openness" as an alternative organizational response. This PDW aims to (1) engage with the questions if and how openness as recent societal paradigm can critically help and support organizations to move beyond established dogmas and to respond to and manage severe crises more successfully, (2) link the disparate literatures currently grounded in multiple separate disciplines, (3) broaden, challenge, and unite existing theoretical discourses and empirical advancements in crises management in the context of openness, (4) discuss the suitability of selected perspectives and methods to further advance research; and (5) sharpen the future research agenda on openness in the context of crises.

    Part 1: Panel Discussion and Q&A – all welcome without registration!

    Panellists: Richard Whittington, U. of Oxford; Louise Comfort, U. of Pittsburgh and California, Berkeley; Stephen Brammer, U. of Bath; Layla Branicki Jayne Branicki,  U. of Bath; Alfredo De Massis, Free U. of Bolzano, Lorenz Graf-Vlachy, TU Dortmund U. on

    ·      Conceptualizing openness in the context of crises
    ·      Managing Information Systems in Dynamic Conditions: The Tension between Openness and Control
    ·      Openness of the family firm in the context of crises
    ·      Caring about crisis management: The role of openness in making crisis logics transparent
    ·      Strategic leaders in crisis management
    ·      Dark sides to open crisis management

    Part 2: Discuss research ideas with panellists – registration

    If you have a research idea or research project on openness in the context of crises you will have the chance to discuss it and get feedback in Part 2 of our #PDW. Organizers and panellists will host roundtables. To apply for Part 2, please express your interest via e-mail to by stating what might be your relevant work-in progress (research question, theoretical perspective, 250 words) and give two preferred roundtables by July 27th

    We are looking forward to seeing you in Boston!

    Julia & Richard

    Julia Hautz, University of Innsbruck,