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AOM PDWs of interest – please register to attend!

  • 1.  AOM PDWs of interest – please register to attend!

    Posted 07-30-2023 19:48

    AOM PDWs of interest – please register to attend!

    *Apologies for cross-postings*

    Hello All,

    The Conflict Management Division wanted to send a final reminder about a few PDWs sponsored by the CM Division that may be of interest to you. Please register to attend one or more!

    1.     1. Negotiating an Academic Job: Components, Strategies, and a Simulation (session # 257)

    (SAT AUG 5 8AM-1PM EST) – This PDW is open to all Academy members-including junior and senior faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and PhD students-who would like to learn how to successfully negotiate academic job compensation packages. This session will provide a unique perspective on academic job negotiations by including panel discussions that provide information about how each side tends to view the process. One panel will comprise senior faculty who will offer information from the perspective of deans, department chairs, and other administrative roles often involved in negotiations with job candidates. Another panel will comprise relatively more junior faculty members who will shed light on the negotiation process from the perspective of job candidates based on their recent experiences moving into tenure-track and/or tenured positions. The goals of this PDF are to (1) identify components of contracts that tend to be negotiable for rookies on the job market, (2) identify components of contracts that may become negotiable for more senior hires or experienced faculty taking on a new role or responsibilities, (3) provide suggestions about strategies and tactics that candidates should use or avoid, (4) familiarize participants with the general structure of the negotiation process and how it feels to go through each part. The format will include two panel discussions, Q&A, and an experiential exercise.

    Location: Hilton, Belvidere Ballroom

    The following leading scholars will be joining us this year:

    Michael Gross

    Nicholas Hays

    Deborah Cai

    McKenzie Rees

    Jamie Lyn Perry

    Tony Kong

    Please pre-register for this session using the following link:

    2.     2. Qualitative Research Methods for the Study of Conflict Management: New Research Approaches (session # 431)

    (SAT AUG 5 4PM-7PM EST) – Conflict management scholars could benefit from forums that explore how qualitative methodologies provide unique discoveries and insights when developing and conducting management research. Many scientific breakthroughs advancing theory in management studies have resulted from the use of rigorous qualitative methods. There has been recent vigorous dialogue in management studies about the transparency, quality, and trustworthiness of qualitative methodologies and research approaches. We offer a PDW that aims to raise the value of qualitative methodologies in the study of conflict phenomena in management research, while providing substantive opportunities for junior and senior management scholars to exchange best practices in qualitative approaches to management research (broadly) while exploring the unique ways in which qualitative research approaches can support more whole and rigorous research in conflict management subfields. Finally, we will provide opportunities for management scholars to discuss the inclusion of qualitative approaches in emerging research studies and get feedback on their inclusion of qualitative methodologies in current research studies.

    Location: Hilton, Fenway Ballroom

    The following leading scholars will be joining us this year:

    Udayan Dhar

    Amanda Ferguson

    Leigh Anne Liu

    Randall S. Peterson

    Kimberly Rocheville

    Please pre-register for this session using the following link:

    3.     3. Conflict Management Division Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Consortium (session # 577)

    (SUN AUG 6 9AM-12NOON EST) – This Conflict Management Division doctoral and post-doctoral consortium is designed for those interested in developing an academic identity, thinking more strategically about the research process, planning for the job market, and transitioning to faculty. Specifically, we will focus on five main topics important for successfully completing a doctoral or post-doctoral program and launching an academic career: 1) becoming a conflict management and negotiations scholar, 2) managing the dissertation and publication process (for students), 3) managing research and teaching (for post-docs), 4) preparing for the job market, and 5) transitioning to becoming faculty. The PDW will be led by a mix of early, mid-career, and senior scholars, each offering their unique perspective. There will also be a segment led by 6) the AOM Ethics Education Committee. The format will include short presentations, Q&A, and small group discussions.

    Location: Hilton, Belvidere Ballroom

    The following leading scholars will be joining us this year:

    Bruce Barry

    Julia Bear

    Kate Bezrukova

    Matt Cronin

    Michael Gross

    Zahra Heydarifard

    Jonathan Lee

    Jimena Ramirez Marin

    Teodora Tomova Shakur

    Cindy Wang

    Qi Zhang

    ***Note we are able to offer a limited number of AOM registration fee refunds for consortium participants.*** To be considered for the refund, you must attend the session and complete a short survey afterwards. Refund recipients will be notified as soon as possible.

    Please pre-register for this session using the following link:

    Hope you can join us!

    Laura Rees

    CM Division PDW Chair

    Laura Rees
    Oregon State University, College of Business
    (541) 737-2551