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  • 1.  Call for Datasets

    Posted 03-14-2024 01:25

    Join us as a co-author and collaborator on a crowd research project carrying out "ecological replications"! We seek colleagues with archival datasets that can be used to test the potentially fragile status of counter-stereotypical women and men (Brescoll, Dawson, & Uhlmann, 2010, Psychological Science). The original laboratory experiments find that professional penalties for errors are steeper for women in male-typed fields and men in female-typed fields. If you have an archival field dataset where female and male individuals make mistakes or missteps of any kind and where downstream outcomes such as promotions, wages, and survival (vs. exit) from the field are measured, please email Oriana De Saint Priest (oriana.desaintpriest@unil.ch) and Eric Uhlmann (eric.luis.uhlmann@gmail.com) to discuss further. Example professional mistakes include rejected deliverables in online labor markets, paper retractions by scientists, medical errors by doctors, corrections to news reports, and police shootings of unarmed persons, among others. You do not need to share proprietary or confidential datasets with the project coordinators to join the project; you can either carry out the analyses yourself, or share the data and we will do so on our end.

    Oriana De Saint Priest