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CFP Responsible Firms: CSR, ESG and Global Sustainability, International Finance Review

  • 1.  CFP Responsible Firms: CSR, ESG and Global Sustainability, International Finance Review

    Posted 05-26-2023 03:59
    Responsible Firms: Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG, and Global Sustainability 
    A Special Issue of the:
    J. Jay Choi (, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Finance and International Business, Temple University
    Jimi Kim (, Assistant Professor/Lecturer, University of New South Wales, Sydney 
    This edited book will be Volume 23 of the International Finance Review (IFR), an annual book series. The IFR publishes theme-oriented volumes on issues in international finance broadly defined – international business finance; global investment, risk management and capital markets; multinational corporate strategy and finance; international governance and institutions; stakeholder relations and sustainability; emerging market finance; international economic integration; and related issues. Elsevier Science published IFR volumes 1-8, and Emerald Group Publishing (U.K.) currently publishes the Series – see
    We invite submissions for a special issue of the IFR on the topics of Responsible firms: Corporate social responsibility (CSR), Environmental, social, and governance (ESG), and global sustainability. The goal of this special issue is to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to share their latest findings, insights, and experiences on the measurement, management, and impact of CSR, ESG, and global sustainability. 
    The rapidly growing interest in environmental and social sustainability steered firms to incorporate socially and environmentally responsible practices in their strategies and with sound governance structures. In addition, firms face increasing pressures from institutional investors and stakeholders as well as national regulators and global institutions to enhance their ESG performances, thereby contributing to domestic and global sustainability. This volume intends to shed lights on (a) how firms integrate CSR and ESG factors into their policies and practices, (b) how multinational enterprises (MNEs) collaborate and contribute their sustainable engagements in various institutional contexts, and (c) how investors, stakeholders, and regulators influence this process. 
    We are open to quantitative, qualitative, conceptual and applied papers from researchers and practitioners in business, finance, management, and science. We welcome original manuscripts on broad topics relevant to responsible firms, CSR, ESG, and global sustainability. Potential topics include, but not limited to: 
    • Theories, models, and/or practices of CSR, ESG and/or sustainability
    • Integrating CSR, ESG, and sustainability into corporate strategy and operations
    • The impact of Covid-19 and other global crises on CSR, ESG and sustainability  
    • The relationship between the components of CSR and ESG, and corporate governance
    • The role of stakeholders in shaping CSR practices, ESG valuation, and sustainability outcomes
    • The effect of ownership and institutional investors on CSR, ESG or sustainability
    • The impact of CSR and ESG on firm performance, risk, and value
    • The implications of CSR and ESG for corporate governance, ethics, and accountability
    • The role of technology and innovation in advancing CSR, ESG and global sustainability
    • The role of MNEs in CSR, ESG and sustainability
    • Challenges and opportunities of CSR, ESG and sustainability in emerging markets
    • The effect of measurement, disclosure and reporting of CSR and ESG 
    • The role of formal and informal institutions and government policies in integrating CSR, ESG and sustainability
    • The effectiveness of CSR and/or ESG in addressing societal challenges such as climate change and inequality 
    • Submit completed manuscript by 30 June 2023, in MS Word or pdf (with subject heading 'IFR23 submission'). 
    Email to both editors: J. Jay Choi ( and Jimi Kim ( 
    • Papers will be processed on a rolling basis; editorial decisions can be made early for early submissions. 
    • Transmittal of the final package to publisher by 30 November 2023. 

    Jimi Kim
    Assistant Professor
    UNSW Sydney
    Philadelphia PA