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IM Division Hyundai Motor Eminent Scholar Award

  • 1.  IM Division Hyundai Motor Eminent Scholar Award

    Posted 05-24-2023 20:02

    The IM Division recognizes lifetime achievement in international management scholarship with the IM Division Hyundai Motor Eminent Scholar Award. The award is selected by the division's Professional Awards Committee, chaired by the Past Division Chair and consisting of the three past chairs and two recent winners of the IM Division Hyundai Motor Eminent Scholar Award. This year the committee was comprised of Katherine Xin (Chair, 2022 IM Division Chair), Don Lessard (2022 Eminent Scholar), Rosalie Tung (2021 Eminent Scholar), Jaeyong Song (2021 IM Division Chair) and Anu Phene (2020 IM Division Chair). The IM Division thanks them for their fantastic efforts overseeing our division's professional awards selection process. The division is very grateful to Hyundai Motor for the sponsorship of this award. Sponsors like Hyundai Motor are essential to the effective functioning of our division, and greatly appreciated. 

    We are pleased to announce that Dr. Tatiana Kostova of the University of South Carolina has been selected as the 2023 IM Division Hyundai Motor Eminent Scholar! Please join during the AOM Meeting on Sunday, August 6 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm at the Hilton Boston Back Bay Fenway Ballroom for a special session where Dr. Kostova's work will be recognized.

    Tatiana Kostova

    Tatiana Kostova is Carolina Distinguished Professor, Buck Mickel Endowed Chair, and Professor of International Business at the Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina. She holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota.

    Her research is focused on MNCs and spans areas of management, organization theory, and global strategy. More specifically, she has studied institutional and cultural embeddedness of multinational corporations, cross-border transfer of management practices in MNCs, organizational legitimacy and social capital as a source of competitive advantage in MNCs, CSR, comparative corporate governance, and agency theory in MNCs. She has also studied some macro-organizational behavior topics such as psychological ownership, multiculturalism, dual identification, and extra-role behavior in organizations.

    Kostova's most notable contribution to the international management field is the development of the institutional perspective for MNCs, including the introduction of the constructs of institutional distance and country institutional profile, and the institutional theory explanation of processes of legitimation, internationalization, practice adoption, and knowledge transfer and sharing. Her work has been published in top management and international business journals like AMR, AMJ, and JIBS, and has been recognized by a number of awards including the Barry Richman Best Dissertation Award of the International Management Division of the Academy of Management and the Richard Farmer Best Dissertation Award of the Academy of International Business, "Rising Star" in economics and business by Incites for the high impact of her publications, top 1% in impact in business and economics, and over 25,700 Google Scholar citations to date.

    Professor Kostova has also contributed to the field of international management through a number of Visiting Professor research and teaching engagements in business schools around the world (e.g., WU, CUHK, EGADE, etc.) and serving on multiple editorial boards including AMR, AMJ, JIBS, JWB, JMS, GSJ, and others. She has also served as Vice President of AIB and Chair of the International Management Division of AOM. She is an AIB Fellow.

    Once again, please join me in congratulating Tatiana Kostova as the 2023 recipient of the IM Division Hyundai Motor Eminent Scholar Award!

    William Newburry
    Department Chair
    Florida International University