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    Posted 09-18-2023 09:24
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    Dear Colleagues,  

    We are excited to inform you about the publication of the new edition of Management Across Cultures (Cambridge University Press, 2024). This revised edition incorporates the latest theories, research, and practices in global management. It incorporates a new Skills Development Model that guides development of the chapters. It also contains a rich assortment of management applications that feature the experiences of one hundred companies, plus vignettes about fifty global managers from thirty different countries. This book is designed for courses in cross-cultural and international management at both undergraduate and graduate levels. To support your efforts to design and deliver state-of-the-art courses, we have greatly expanded the teaching resources available with this book, including:   

    • Extensive online resources including an instructor's teaching guide, lecture slides, lecture and discussion support, suggested assessment instruments, skills development activities, a test bank for instructors, plus a self-assessment pre- and post-test that you can use to assess student learning  
    • Suggestions for building an inclusive learning community and tips for leading carefully tested experiential activities in ways that develop and provide feedback on students' global management skills.  

    Best regards

    Richard M. Steers, University of Oregon, 

    Joyce S. Osland, San José State University, California, 

    Betina Szkudlarek, University of Sydney 



    Management Across Cultures, 5th Edition 

    For a 20% discount, use code: STEERS23


    September 2023 

    PB9781009359313| US$89.99 

    HB9781009359306| US$150.00 




    What's so exciting about the 5th edition?  


    Principal Text Updates 

    • New skills development model to guide learning throughout book  
    • Revised in-text management applications, with suggested talking points  
    • New pre- and post-tests to benchmark student learning 
    • New in-depth experiences of 50 global managers from 30 different countries 
    • Each chapter now opens with example of global manager at work 
    • Each chapter ends with a focus on new key management takeaways 

    Principal Chapter Updates   

    • Thoroughly updated materials throughout 
    • New chapter openers with management examples (Global Managers at Work) 
    • New or updated in-text management Applications, with suggested online instructor talking points 
    • Broad array of online student engagement activities (including Management Challenges, Global Management Workbook, Experiential Exercises, Global Management Projects, 
    • Key Takeaway Section, associated with Weekly Journal 


    Instructor Manual Updates 

    • New guide to teaching global management 
    • Notes on creating an inclusive classroom 
    • Notes on online and hybrid teaching 
    • Chapter-by-chapter teaching suggestions 
    • Updated PPT lecture slides 
    • Four sets of skills development activities 
      • Management Challenges 
      • Global Management Workbook 
      • Experiential Exercises 
      • Global Management Projects
    • Weekly journal of key chapter takeaways 
    • Updated list of suggested videos 
    • Updated list of self-assessment inventories 
    • Pre and post-test to benchmark student learning 
    • Complete test bank