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New Issue of Research in HRM on Stigmas

  • 1.  New Issue of Research in HRM on Stigmas

    Posted 10-21-2022 12:12

    The Plight of Stigmatized Groups in Organizations (in press)

    Editors: Dianna L. Stone, Kimberly M. Lukaszewski, Julio Canedo, Brian Murray and James H. Dulebohn

    Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing  

    Table of Contents 

    1.       The Influence of Public stigmas and self stigmas on the exclusion of people with anxiety and depressive disorders           in organizations  

                   Dianna L. Stone, Brian Murray,  Kimberly Lukaszewski, Julio Canedo, and James Dulebohn 

    2.      Career Antecedents and Consequences of Being Single at Mid-Career: A Narrative Literature Review and Guide             for Future Research

    George F. Dreher, Thomas W. Dougherty, and Gaurav Jain


    3.      Asian Americans in the workplace: A systematic literature review

    Bryan L. Rogers, Laura T. Madden, Enping (Shirley) Mai, and Mi Hwa Lee


    4.      More Than Visas and Paperwork: Post-Hire HRM Considerations of Immigrant Employees

    Jo M. Alanis and Ann Marie Ryan


    5.      Is Acknowledging One's Foreign Accent an Effective Strategy to Reduce Bias?

    Megumi Hosoda, Kristi M. Sadler, Rachel Windsor, Sandra Trafalis, and Tasanee Thienpothong


    6.      Power and Sex-Based Harassment among LGBQs

    Tuyen K. Dinh and Margaret S. Stockdale


    7.      Disaggregating the Experiences of Sexual Minority Workers: Making the Case for Examining Subgroup             Differences

    Patricia Meglich, Nancy E. Day, and Tracy H. Porter


    8.      Investor Reactions to Females Entering the Corporate Suite: The Roles of Industry and Business Sector

    Michelle M. Arthur


    9.      Adolescents in the Workforce: Our Forgotten Future?

    Satoris S. Howes, Maura J. Mills, Ann H. Huffman, and Jaime B. Henning


    10.  Effects of Unfounded Stereotypes and Performance Expectancies on Employment Decisions about Individuals with Depression 

    Kimberly M. Lukaszewski, Dianna L. Stone, and Dianna Contreras Krueger