Abraham Newman (Georgetown) “Underground Empire: How America weaponized the world economy”

When:  Nov 30, 2023 from 15:00 to 16:30 (UTC)
Associated with  International Management (IM)

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I would like to invite you to a “special edition” seminar part of the Surrey-Sussex series in IB & Strategy on 30 November.

Prof. Abraham Newman (Georgetown) will discuss his recent book (with Henry Farrell) “Underground Empire: How America weaponized the world economy” which has attracted tremendous interest from political scientists, economists, and management scholars. In the International Business and Strategy domain sits very well within the recent themes around examining the ongoing geo-political tensions (notably between the U.S. and China), their implications for MNEs, and the overall future of globalization.



If you want to understand where the world economy has been and where it may be headed, you need to read this book” (Dani Rodrik, Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy, Harvard)


That story is captivating — the stuff of thrillers. Their thesis that this work continues today as part of a secret and elaborate system, less so.” (Financial Times)


Underground Empire is an astonishing explanation of how power really works. From fiber optic cables to the financial system, Farrell and Newman show how the networks that knit us together are also powerful coercive tools, providing a subtle and revelatory account of how the United States learned to weaponize its dominance of the world order's plumbing. A riveting read, essential for understanding how economic and technological power is wielded today.” (Chris Miller, author of CHIP WAR)



Abraham Newman is a Professor at the School of Foreign Service and Government at Georgetown University. Known for his research on the politics generated by globalization, he has authored and edited several impactful volumes including Of Privacy and Power: the Transatlantic Struggle over Freedom and Security (Princeton University Press 2019), Voluntary Disruptions: International Soft Law, Finance, and Power (Oxford University Press: 2018), Protectors of Privacy: Regulating Personal Data in the Global Economy (Cornell University Press: 2008) and How Revolutionary was the Digital Revolution: National Responses, Market Transitions, and Global Technologies (Stanford University Press: 2006).

Prof. Newman serves also as a frequent commentator on international affairs, appearing on news programs ranging from Al Jazeera to Deutsche Welle and NPR. His work has been published in leading outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Nature, Science, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Harvard Business Review, and Politico. 


Venue: TEAMS (online)

Date/Time: NOVEMBER 30, 15:00-16:30 (UK)


Those interested in attending, please email me (s.krammer@surrey.ac.uk) from your institutional account.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at this event.

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