Silver Pin Program

The HR Division Member Silver Pin Program recognizes those individuals who have shown a strong and continued commitment to the HR Division through at least 25 years of Division membership. As scholars and practitioners who come together as a community in the interest of understanding, identifying, and improving the effectiveness of the practice of HR, we could not realize our mission without a committed membership. Long-standing members anchor us as a community and play a foundational role in our success as an AOM Division. Silver Pin Members are inducted annually at the Academy of Management conference in August during the HR Division Business Meeting Social.

Current Silver Pin Members:

Ramon Aldag
Michael Arthur
Kathryn Bartol
Talya Bauer
Brian Becker
Thomas Begley
Steven Berkshire
M. Diane Burton
Phyllis Campbell
Aaron Cohen
Christopher Collins
Debra Comer
Jose Cortina
Tom Cross
Thomas Cummings
Angelo DeNisi
Fred Foulkes
Cynthia Fukami
Victor Haines
Itzhak Harpaz
Edwin Hollander
Susan Jackson
Steven Kerr
Ellen Kossek

David Krackhardt
Carol Kulik
Steven Lovett
John Paul MacDuffie
Brian Miller
Richard Mowday
Linda Neider
Greg Oldham
Miguel Olivas-Lujan
Jone Pearce
Denise Rousseau
John Schaubroeck
Luc Sels
Lynn Shore
Nagaraj Sivasubramaniam
Frederick Slack
Jerel Slaughter
David Spurlock
Rosalie Tung
Shay TzaFrir
Jin Uen
Arup Varma
Mary Ann Von Glinow
Charles Wankel