RMD Elections and Open Positions

Elected Positions Currently Open for Applications


Division Program Chair Elect

This position is the first in a five-year sequence in the leadership track of RMD. For more information on the five-year leadership track, please see the descriptions of officer roles in the RMD bylaws.

Term: One Year (August 15, 2024 to August 14, 2025), but continuing through the leadership track roles until August 2028

Number of Nominees: 3

Description: This position involves a five-year sequence that progresses through the following leadership positions, in order, with one year spent in each: Program Chair-elect/Professional Development Workshop Chair, Program Chair, Division Chair-elect, Division Chair, and Past Division Chair. While specific responsibilities differ by year and position, the Division Program Chair-elect has the following responsibilities: 1) attend the training meeting of incoming division/Interest Group Program Chairpersons-Elect at the annual conference; 2) present an activities report at Executive Committee Meeting(s); 3) be responsible for organizing the upcoming Professional Development Workshop (PDW) Program in accordance with the guidelines stated by the Academy of Management; 4) submit a copy of the upcoming PDW Program (listing of workshops) to the Division Chair for inclusion in communications to all RMD members; 5) present the PDW Program report at the Executive Committee Meeting(s); 6) order appreciation certificates and/or awards for any PDWs, and notify recipients and request their attendance at the Business Meeting; 7) as the incoming Program Chairperson, present the program philosophy and the general statement to membership during the Executive Committee Meeting and Business Meeting.


Division Representative-at-Large

Term: Three Years (August 15, 2024 to August 14, 2027)

Number of Nominees: 4 or more

Description: The RM Division is seeking to fill TWO Division Representative-at-Large positions. Responsibilities of the position include the following: 1) Assist with yearly AOM awards selection, 2) Assist with other duties as requested by the Division Chairperson and the Program Chairperson, 3) prepare written activities report for Executive Committee meetings (annual Academy of Management and mid-year), and 4) participate in and contribute to the Executive Committee meetings and email discussions.


Division Treasurer

Term: Three Years (August 15, 2024 to August 14, 2027)

Number of Nominees: 2 or more

Description: The RM Division is seeking to fill ONE Division Representative-at-Large position. Responsibilities of the position include the following: 1) Oversee the maintenance of the RMD’s financial viability. This includes regularly coordinating with AOM staff members who maintain the RMD’s financial records, 2) Present reports on the RMD’s financial status at Executive Committee Meetings (annual Academy of Management conference and, if held, mid-year) as well as the Business Meeting (Academy), 3) Approve all expense reimbursement requests with the approval of the Division Chair, 4) Notify award sponsors of awardees, and communicate with sponsoring publisher to ensure the award check is received by May 1, and 5) Prepare budgets for future years as need dictates.


Social Media Director

Term: Indefinite (as long as you want to serve)

Number of Positions: 1

Description: This position's primary duties are to 1) maintain a social media presence for RMD events; 2) advertise RMD events and announce RMD awards via social media, including reminders and recognition of RMD members; and 3) work with the RM Webmaster when needed in terms of updating social media feeds, etc.

Nominations should include an updated curriculum vitae and a brief description (i.e., <1 page) of the nominee's relevant experience and skills. The RMD Executive Committee will appoint a Director from the nominations we receive. As an appointed position, there is no set term length and previous appointments have tended to vary in length from one to several years, depending upon the needs of the Division and the Director.

Please send your nomination materials to Kris Byron (kbyron@gsu.edu), Past Chair of RMD. Review of the nominations will continue until the position is filled.