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Resources: moving to teach cases online quickly

A series of free webinars on moving to case teaching online quickly Webinars: Moving Case Teaching Online Quickly #COVID-19Resources #TeachOnline #ManagementEducationandDevelopment

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The Science of Effective Coaching - Webinar

The Management Education and Development (MED) division of the Academy of Management is delighted to present its next interactive video webinar. Hosted by the Merrick School of Business at University of Baltimore, this webinar brings together academics and practitioners from around the world to...

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Organization and Management Theory (OMT)

The organization and management theory (OMT) division aspires to advance robust theoretical understanding of organizations, organizing, and management. The Division promotes and develops the community of researchers, educators, and practitioners who advance OMT scholarship and practice and its...

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Evidence-based Management MED Webinar with Denise Rousseau

Slides used during Denise Rousseau's MED Webinar on Evidence-based Management. On November 15, 2018, Denise Rousseau offered a seminar on Evidence-based Management with the able technical support from U. of Baltimore. She generously shared her slides and they are here for anyone interested. ...

D_Rousseau_EBMgt intro MED Webinar 2018.pptx

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October 2018

Attached is the October 2018 Newsletter #ManagementEducationandDevelopment

Newsletter Oct 2018.pdf

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MED Pre-AOM 2018 Newsletter

​Please note the welcome and helpful information for AOM 2018 in Chicago in the attached newsletter #ManagementEducationandDevelopment #AOM2018 #AnnualMeeting #Newsletter #Newsletter

2018 Pre-AOM2018MEDNewsletter.pdf

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Webinar with Oliver Laasch on Responsible Management Learning and Education (RMLE)

Oliver Laasch started this MED webinar series with his talk on Responsible Management Learning and Education (RMLE) on January 11, 2018. Special thanks to Regina Bento, Eusebio Scornavacca, Lisa Stickney, and Murray Dalziel (all from the U. of Baltimore) for coordinating, moderating,...

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Webinar with Ben Arbaugh Connect@AOM

#ManagementEducationandDevelopment #Webinar #AOM2018 #Event #Multimedia #Presentation #Scholar #Spotlight #Video #Video #Research

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