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Call for Applications - 2020 Stigma PDW at AOM

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Thursdays w OMT - Session 3 Recording (Job Market Around the World, June 4, 2020)

Thursdays w OMT - Session 3 Recording (Job Market Around the World, June 4, 2020) #COVID-19Resources #OrganizationandManagementTheory

OMT Thursday S3.mp4

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OMT Podcast, Season 1, Episode 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Marc-David Seidel Marc-David Seidel, Professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business in Vancouver, Canada In this episode, Marc-David Seidel talks about his interest in stand-up comedy, how his start-up may have been a unicorn, and questions about technology that he is...

Episode 1 (Seidel).mp3

Organizational Communication & Information Systems (OCIS)

OCIS focuses on the study of behavioral, economic, and social aspects of communication and information systems within and among organizations or institutions. Major topics include: interpersonal communication; verbal, nonverbal, and electronic communication; vertical, horizontal and diagonal...

Organization and Management Theory (OMT)

The organization and management theory (OMT) division aspires to advance robust theoretical understanding of organizations, organizing, and management. The Division promotes and develops the community of researchers, educators, and practitioners who advance OMT scholarship and practice and its...

Careers (CAR)

The Careers Division of the Academy of Management addresses people's lifelong succession of work experiences, the structure of opportunity to work, and the relationship between careers and other aspects of life.

Strategizing Activities and Practices (SAP)

Strategizing Activities and Practices (SAP) is an Interest Group at the Academy of Management (AOM) devoted to fostering research into the practice of strategy. Members of this interest group understand strategy as something that people in organizations do rather than something that firms in...