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2023 INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition Results

  • 1.  2023 INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition Results

    Posted 10-16-2023 13:30
    Edited by Summer Jackson 10-17-2023 11:43

    *** Apologies for cross-posting ***

    It is my great pleasure to announce the results of this year's INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition. The eight finalists were selected out of more than 100 submissions based on evaluations by blind reviewers. Last weekend during the INFORMS Annual Conference, these finalists presented their dissertation proposals to a distinguished panel of judges. All of the finalists did an outstanding job of presenting their proposals, and the judges had the unenviable task of selecting a winner and a runner-up based on quality, potential contribution, and innovativeness.


    Before I announce the winner and the runner-up, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the panel of judges. Each judge generously volunteered their time for the competition and provided the finalists with insightful and constructive feedback on their dissertations. This year's panel of judges included:


    Katina Sawyer (University of Arizona, Eller School of Management)

    Pete Aceves (John Hopkins University, Carey Business School)

    Ian Larkin (UCLA, Anderson School of Managment)

    Sunkee Lee (Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business)

    Caroline Bartel (UT Austin, McCombs School of Business)

    Blake Ashforth (Arizona State University, W.P. Carey Schol of Business)

    Heather Berry (Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business)

    Melissa Mazmanian (UC Irvine, School of Information and Computer Sciences)


    Without further ado, please see the results below. If you know the winner, the runner-up, and/or the finalists, please congratulate them for this significant accomplishment.


    The winner of the 2023 INFORMS Dissertation Proposal Competition is:


    Matteo Tranchero (UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business)

    The Role of Data in the Search for Innovation: Essays on Big Data Genomics


    The runner-up of the 2023 INFORMS Dissertation Proposal Competition is:


    Chelsea Lide (Stanford University, Graduate School of Business)

    Second-Order Prejudice: How, When, and Why Our Beliefs' about Others' Biases Perpetuate Discrimination in Organizations


    The remaining finalists for the 2023 competition were:


    Daphné Baldassari (University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management)

    From Talk to Action: Strategic Responses to Structural Interventions for Workplace Equity 

    Solomiya Draga (University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management)

    Navigating Relationship Boundaries with Clients in the Social Service Sector 

    Dilan Eren (Boston University, School of Arts & Sciences, Sociology)

    The Self-Taught Economy: Open-Access and Inclusion in the U.S. Tech Industry 

    James Mellody (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management)

    Organizational Success and Cultural Diversity in the Attention Economy 

    Jean Oh (Columbia Business School)

    The Effects of Social Class Origins on Entrepreneurship 

    Eileen Suh (Boston University, Questrom School of Business)

    When the Job that Fits is Feminine: How Men's-More Than Women's-Responses to Gendered Associations Entrench Occupational Segregation 

    Finally, I would like to thank Lamar Pierce (Editor-in-Chief of Organization Science), Chris Asher (Managing Editor of Organization Science), and Beth West (Senior Community Relations Coordinator) for the tremendous amount of help and support they provided in managing the proposal review and competition process. I am also grateful to the Harvard Business School Organizational Behavior Unit for generously sponsoring this event.




    INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Competition Chair, 2023

    On behalf of the organizing committee (Ronnie Lee and Basima Tewfik)



    Summer Jackson
    Assistant Professor
    Boston MA