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How to prevent and minimize DEI backfire

  • 1.  How to prevent and minimize DEI backfire

    Posted 02-19-2024 16:53

    Dear DEI Friends,

    I would love to start a conversation and receive reactions and comments about “DEI backfire” related to the following article: Burnett, L., & Aguinis, H. 2024. How to prevent and minimize DEI backfire. Business Horizons, 67(2): 173-182. [available at https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bushor.2023.11.001] 

    We argue that “DEI backfire” occurs when well-intended initiatives result in unintended negative outcomes and argue that implementing DEI is an ongoing process that poses benefits AND potential risks. We offer the following suggestions to prevent and minimize DEI backfire:
    1. Expand targeted recruitment efforts
    2. Tailor diversity training to a firm’s context
    3. Establish clear DEI accountability
    4. Integrate DEI into communication & #culture
    5. Regularly assess DEI practices at all levels 

    I look forward to an ongoing conversation on this and related issues!
    All the best,

    Herman Aguinis, Ph.D.
    Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar & Professor of Management
    The George Washington University School of Business
    Washington, DC