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Invitation to Join "Voices of Asian Diaspora" gathering

  • 1.  Invitation to Join "Voices of Asian Diaspora" gathering

    Posted 05-14-2023 05:12

    Dear AOM scholars and friends, 

    I am reaching out to you to invite you to join "Voices of Asian Diaspora" monthly gathering. We understand that being an Asian at AOM can come with unique challenges, and we want to create a safe space where you can connect with others who share your experiences and receive the resources and support you need.

    Our group is open to individuals who identify as Asian in the Diaspora community. We aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels heard and supported. Our group sessions will include group discussions, workshops, and networking events to help our members learn, grow, and connect with one another.

    Here are our two major goals and several objectives to pursue during this monthly gathering:

    1. To create a supportive and empowering community for Asian scholars and practitioners, and to provide resources and opportunities for professional development, networking, and career advancement.

    2.To raise awareness of the unique challenges and contributions of the Asian diaspora in management, and to advocate for systemic and societal changes that promote equity, justice, and inclusivity.


    Here are our objectives:

    • Validate and normalize shared experiences of Asian scholars in the face of systemic and societal barriers.
    • Share and discuss research, questions, and challenges at AOM.
    • Facilitate networking and community building.
    • Provide resources for self-care and spiritual health and share strategies for dealing with microaggressions and discrimination.

    Our first online gathering is scheduled for May 17, Wednesday at 10 am (EST) and we plan to meet  every 3rd Wednesday.  The meetings typically last for an hour. We also plan to have an online community where members can connect and share resources and support in between meetings.


    Meeting ID: 217 419 6888

    Passcode: wittenberg

    You will have the opportunity to connect with others who share similar experiences, access resources and support, and receive guidance on navigating challenges that arise in your personal and professional life. We believe that joining "Voices of Asian Diaspora" Group will be beneficial to you.

    If you are interested in joining our organizing committee or have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email, and we will provide you with more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Voices of Asian Diaspora Organizing Committee 

    (Anna Fung, Sunny Jeong, Xiaoan Li, Maria Eduarda Soares, Benito Teehankee)

    Sunny Jeong, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
    Director of International Business
    Department of Business & Economics
    Wittenberg University
    Work: 937-327-7929