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Levelling the English Language-Use Disadvantage for English-as-a-Second Language Students Using AI

  • 1.  Levelling the English Language-Use Disadvantage for English-as-a-Second Language Students Using AI

    Posted 02-25-2024 17:32

    Calling all AI prompt engineers/experts/savants.

    I am trying to investigate the extent to which assessment graders over-assess proficiency in the use of English Language in various assessment criteria, and how AI can be used to level-off those disadvantages. I am trying to do an experiment using AI but first I need robust prompts.

    To this end, I am looking for complete prompts that can be used to ONLY improve the grammar/spelling/communication in clear English quality of an essay without altering the original essay or adding any content to the original essay. I am aware of tools like Grammarly but I'm only interested in prompts.

    The prompt should be surgical to the extent that it does not improve anything about the original essay apart from the grammar/spelling/communication in clear English.

    The catch is... this prompt must be as universal as possible regardless of the subject and content of the essay.
    My intention is to test these prompts to see which one delivers the best output without altering the other qualities of the essay.

    All prompt suggestions welcome or ideas about how to go about it. Thank you in anticipation of your response.

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