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New: The Plight of Stigmatized Groups in Organizations

  • 1.  New: The Plight of Stigmatized Groups in Organizations

    Posted 09-19-2023 14:14

    • We are pleased to announce a new issue of Research in HRM titled "The Plight of Stigmatized Groups in
    • Organizations" (2023.) It is published by Information Age Publishing and is now in print. 
    Editors include: Dianna Stone, Kimberly M. Lukaszewski, Julio Canedo, Brian Murray and James Dulebohn

    Topics include: The stigmas associated with being single in organizations, anxiety and depressive disorders, Asian-Americans, immigrants, foreign accents, LGBTQs, sexual minority workers, women in the C suite, adolescents in organizations. . 


    Stone, D. L., Murray, B., Lukaszewski, K. M., Canedo, J. & Dulebohn, J. H. Influence of Public Stigmas and Self-Stigmas on the Exclusion of People With Anxiety and Depressive Disorders in Organizations

    Dreher, G. F., Dougherty, T. W., & Jain, G. Career Antecedents and Consequences of Being Single at Mid-Career: A Narrative Literature Review and Guide for Future Research, 

    Rogers, B. L., Madden, L. T., Mai E., LeeJ. H. Asian Americans in the Workplace: A Systematic Literature Review.

    Alanis, J. M., & Ryan, A. M.  More Than Visas and Paperwork: Post-Hire HRM Considerations of Immigrant Employees. 

    Hosoda, M., Sadler, K., Windsor, R., Trafalis, S., & Thienpothong, T.  Acknowledging One's Foreign Accent an Effective Strategy to Reduce Bias? 

    Dinh, T., K., & Stockdale, M. S. Power and Sex-Based Harassment Among LGBQs. 

    Meglich, P., Day, N. E., & Porter, T. H.  Disaggregating the Experiences of Sexual Minority Workers: Making the Case for Examining Subgroup Differences. 

    Arthur, M. M.  Investor Reactions to Females Entering the Corporate Suite: The Roles of Industry and Business Sector. 

    Howes, S. S., Mills, J. J., Huffman, A. H., & Henning, J. B.  Adolescents in the Workforce: Our Forgotten Future? 

    Stone, D. L., Lukaszewski, K. M., Krueger, D. C. Effects of Unfounded Stereotypes and Performance Expectancies on Employment Decisions About Individuals With Depression. .


    Dianna Stone