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Recognition for GDO 2020 Awards

  • 1.  Recognition for GDO 2020 Awards

    Posted 09-02-2020 17:34

    Thanks to everyone who submitted for the 2020 program and participated in AOM's first virtual conference! All conference materials remain viewable to registrants through October 31, on the Pathable conference platform (aom2020.aom.org)

    The GDO division is pleased to recognize our 2020 award winners, listed below:

    Sage Award for Scholarly Contributions

    Quinetta Roberson, Michigan State University

    Janet Chusmir Distinguished Service Award

    Derek Avery, Wake Forest University

    Saroj Parasuraman Award for Outstanding Gender and Diversity Paper

    Alexis Nicole Smith, Oklahoma State University
    Marla Baskerville Watkins, Northeastern University
    Jamie Ladge, Northeastern University
    Pamela G. Carlton, Springboard Partners in Cross Cultural Leadership

    For: Making the invisible visible: Paradoxical effects of intersectional invisibility on the career experiences of executive Black women. Academy of Management Journal, 62, 1705-1734.

    Dorothy Harlow Award

    Siyu Yu, New York University

    For: The status costs of building high-status network ties: The pivotal role of gender

    Best Paper Based on a Dissertation

                Lumumba Seegars, Harvard University

    For: Sanctioned radicals: Comparing collective organizing around race and gender inside organizations

    Best Student Paper

    Adaora Ubaka, University of Illinois – Chicago
    Xinxin Lu, University of Illinois – Chicago
    Lyangela Gutierrez, UCLA

    For: Taking another look at race and the American Leadership Prototype: A direct replication of Rosette, Leonardelli, and phillips (2008)

    Faculty Transnational Research Award

    Yeun Joon Kim, University of Cambridge
    Sooyun Baik, London Business School
    Soo Toh, University of Toronto
    Yingyue Luan, University of Cambridge

    For: Leadership by gender stereotypes: Systematic examination of culture and gender of leaders

    Gender, Diversity, and Entrepreneurship Best Student Paper

    Nhu Nguyen, McGill University
    Ivona Hideg, Wilfred Laurier University
    Yuval Engel, University of Amsterdam

    For: The gender gap in start=up funding: The role of investors' Benevolent Sexism

    Gender, Diversity, and Entrepreneurship Best Paper

    Angela Randolph, Babson University
    Jessica K. Simon, Babson University
    Danna Greenberg, Babson University
    William Gartner, Babson University

    For: Rule breaking, gender, and social status, and entrepreneurial persistence

    Joy Beatty
    GDO 2020 Program Chair
    Academic Department Head
    Eastern Michigan University