Division Constitution


The name of this organization shall be the Management Consulting Division of the Academy of Management, hereinafter referred to as the Division.


The primary purpose of the Division is to encourage professional scholarship in managerial consultation among interested members of the Division and the Academy of Management. In addition, the purposes of the Division include encouraging and furthering research, theory development, and the articulation of critical thought related to the interactive design and implementation of change in whole systems, redesigning structure, process and function (output) simultaneously, in order to further the humane, ethical, and productive effectiveness of organizations and systems, private and public; and engaging in other activities and services of interest to the membership within the charter granted by the Academy of Management.

ARTICLE III: Membership

Membership in this Division shall be open to members of the Academy of Management who are interested in the Division's purposes and goals.

ARTICLE IV: Officers and Their Duties

Section 1. The officers of the Division shall consist of the following: Division Chair, Division Chair-Elect, Program Chair, Program Chair-Elect, Immediate Past Division Chair, Secretary/Editor, Historian, and Consultant-in-Residence. These seven officers shall serve as the Policy Group for the Division. 
Section 2. The Division Chair shall be the chief executive officer of the Division and shall administer all affairs of the Committee. The Division Chair is responsible for the conduct of the Division's budget, the appointment of Division committees and the Division Chair shall also serve as Chair of the Division's Nominating Committee. The Division Chair cannot succeed himself/herself but may be re-elected for a later term. 
Section 3. The Division Chair-Elect shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the Division Chair and act for the Division Chair in his/her absence or disability. 
Section 4. The Program Chair shall be responsible, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, for planning and supervising the Division's program at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. 
Section 5. The Program Chair-Elect shall be responsible for the development of an evaluation method and the subsequent evaluation of the annual program. 
Section 6. The Immediate Past Division Chair shall serve as consultant to the Division, specifically to the Division Chair and shall also serve as Coordinator of the Advisory Committee.
Section 7. The Secretary/Editor shall normally be appointed for three years by the Division Chair and approved by the Executive Committee. The Secretary/Editor shall keep a record of the Division's Annual Business Meeting and shall serve as editor of the Division Newsletter. The Secretary/Editor shall, with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Division, appoint Regional News Representatives. 
Section 8. The seven Representatives-at-Large shall serve as liaisons with the proprietary consulting community and the committees described in Article IV. Special consideration will be given to members of the Division from junior faculty ranks, and linkage to the private consulting community when considering nominations to the positions of Representative-at-Large. 
Section 9. The Historian shall normally have appointed for two years by the Division Chair and approved by the Executive Committee. The Historian shall gather, record, maintain, and interpret information related to the past and present development of the Division. 
Section 10. The Executive Committee of the Division, by two-thirds vote of all of its members, may remove any officer from office if deemed by them to be in the best interests of the Division. 
Section 11. The Consultant-in-Residence shall normally be appointed for two years by the Division Chair and approved by the Executive Committee. The Consultant-in-Residence should be recognized as an outstanding member representing the larger consulting community and shall assist the Division in focusing research on the practice of consulting and reporting it in a functional way.

ARTICLE V: Election of Officers

Section 1. The Division Nominating Committee shall consist of the Division Chair, Division Chair-Elect, Program Chair, Immediate Past Division Chair, and one Representative-at-Large, to be selected by the Division Chair. The Division Chair shall chair the the Nominating Committee.


Section 2. The Nominating Committee shall annually, and prior to the month of April, solicit by mail, or publication in the Division Newsletter, write-in nominations for Program-Chair Elect and Representatives-at-Large. The Nominating Committee will review nominations submitted by the membership and other candidates of their choice. A slate of candidates with no fewer than (two Representatives-at-Large shall be from North American, and one each shall be from Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand/non-continental Asia, South America and Africa) shall be presented to the membership for mail balloting. Those individuals receiving the most votes shall be duly elected. 
Section 3. All ballots shall be returned to the Division Chair, or an appointed representative, prior to the Annual business Meeting. The President-Elect of the Academy of Management shall be notified in writing by the Division Chair of the vote count for each candidate. The vote count shall be considered confidential information and shall not be disseminated further. The Division Chair shall notify each candidate of the winner of the election. 
Section 4. The Program Chair-Elect will normally accede through the hierarchy of offices (i.e., to Program Chair, Division Chair-Elect, Division Chair, Immediate Past Division Chair). That is, the Program Chair shall become the Program Chair during the year following his/her election. The Program Chair will accede to the Division Chair-Elect, Program Chair, and Division Chair Elect before they automatically accede to the next office to determine if there is any reason to question the normal accession of these officers. 
Section 5. The seven Representatives-at-Large shall normally serve two year terms. The terms of the seven representatives shall be staggered two-year terms so that each year three or four Representatives-at-Large are elected. The Representatives-at-Large cannot be nominated for consecutive terms. The Division Chair may appoint the first round for one or two years appropriately to fill the requirements. 
Section 6. In case of a vacancy occurring among division officers, the Nominating Committee shall, as soon thereafter as possible, appoint a replacement for the unexpired term of that officer. Such an appointee shall be subject to confirmation by the membership before evaluation through the officer ranks described in Section 4.

ARTICLE VI: Committees

Section 1.
 The officers of the Division shall consist of the following: Division Chair, Division Chair-Elect, Program Chair, Program Chair-Elect, Immediate Past Division Chair, Secretary/Editor, Historian, and Consultant-in-Residence. These seven officers shall serve as the Policy Group for the Division.

Section 2. Membership on the Executive Committee is stated in Article IV, and the membership of the Nominating Committee is specified in Article V. 
Section 3. The Division Advisory Committee shall be composed of the three recently preceding Past Division Chairs, the earliest being displaced each year as the Immediate Past Division Chair is added. Of these, the Immediate Past Division Chair, being a member also of the Executive Committee, shall serve as Coordinator of the Advisory Committee and as liaison between it and the Executive Committee in his/her office as Consultant to the Division. The Committee shall serve in an advisory role to the Executive Committee. 
Section 4. The membership of the Strategic Planning Committee shall consist of all past Chairs of the Division. The Initial Chair of the Strategic Planning committee shall be the Division Founder, with each year's subsequent Chair selected by the Past Chairs who are present at the annual Strategic Planning Committee meeting. 
Section 5. The Program Evaluation committee shall be composed of the Program Chair-Elect (as Committee Chairperson and at least one Representative-at-Large, appointed by the Program Chair-Elect, with approval of the Executive Committee. 
Section 6. Membership on each ad hoc committee shall be determined jointly by its appointed chairperson and by the Division Chair. Such membership shall provide, insofar as is possible, for representation from each of the National Academy's geographical divisions. 
Section 7. All committees shall be coordinated by the Division Chair.

ARTICLE VII: Amendments

Section 1.
 Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed (a) by a vote of three-fifths of the Executive Committee, or (b) by a written request signed by five percent (5%) of the voting members of the Division, that the Division Chair authorize a ballot on the proposed amendment.

Section 2. This Constitution may be amended at any time by a two-thirds vote of the voting members. However, no amendment shall be considered adopted unless fifteen percent (15%) of the Division's members have voted on the proposed amendment. This vote shall be taken by mail ballot under conditions that will insure the secrecy and the accuracy of the vote. 
Section 3. Any proposals to amend this Constitution must be submitted to the members at least thirty (30) days before the closing date of the ballot. A report of the results of the ballot must be made at the next business meeting.