Welcome to the Management Consulting Division!

First, thank you to all those who attended and presented papers and workshops at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Boston. It was a wonderful conference, and the MC Division was very well-represented. We have photos from the conference posted here on the MC Community site.

The Academy’s 2020 theme is Broadening Our Sight, especially in bridging between dichotomies such as scholarship and practice, as MCD has done since it was founded.

Our membership and submission numbers are rising now, so let’s show the academy how to use a “both/and” philosophy with a record number of submissions for Vancouver.

Look for MCD in other ways this year also, with:

1) Increased communications and contact via newsletters, social media and AOM Connect.

2) Greater participation in small conferences (in China, France, and perhaps other countries).

Thank you for your ongoing support and your ever-broadening vision regarding management consulting. Please keep thinking outside the box, and start working on papers, symposia and workshops for Vancouver and beyond!

Eric Sanders photo

Eric Sanders

2020 Management Consulting Division Chair

Getting to Know Each Other

Are you new to MC? How about new to the MC Community on AOM Connect?

Please introduce yourself in our Discussion Group, so we can get to know each other better.  

  • What role(s) do you usually perform? (consultant, professor, researcher, student… or some combination of these) 
  • What do you hope to get from (and give to) the MC Community?

We are glad you have chosen to join the MC Division, where scholar-practitioners are the norm and theory bumps up against organizational reality in the most interesting and generative ways!

Eric Sanders
2020 Chair, MC Division


  • pre-AOM conference on AI in partnership with MDC and OCIS (Aug. 1st and 2d)

    dear AOM members, how about joining the MCD pre-AOM conference on Artificial Intelligence on Saturday Aug. 1st and Sunday 2d. from 10 am to 2 pm New York time (EST).  Eric Sanders, Uzonna Olumba and Daniel Degravel will talk aobut AI and consulting. ... More

About the MC Division

The purpose of the Management Consulting Division is to (1) advance knowledge and understanding of management consulting and (2) aid in the development of consultants from the perspectives of research, practice and teaching. The Division has a dual focus on both the process of consulting and the consulting industry, with an underlying goal of creating a bridge that integrates scholarship and practice.

Our members are concerned with interdisciplinary and integrative approaches related to established and major practice areas of consulting, ranging from strategy and human resource management to information technology. Major topics include: the consulting process, client-consultant relationships, ethical issues in consulting, the roles and responsibilities of academics in the field, the role of consultants in change initiatives, the management of consulting firms, the marketing of consulting, and the expanding role of consultants in organizations and society.

Each year during the Academy of Management meeting, the division offers a rich array of Professional Development Workshops, insightful scholarly papers and interactive symposia, and distinguished speakers – all intended to meet the needs and interests of our membership.

Join the Conversation

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