Welcome to the Management Consulting Division!

Dear MCD family,

As we look forward to the 2024 AOM Annual Meeting in Chicago, this is an exciting time to be part of the Management Consulting Division. The annual meeting theme is “Innovating for the Future: Policy, Purpose and Organizations.” This is important because management consulting and innovation are intertwined.


The division embraces innovation by integrating various research methodologies, practices, and technologies to address complex challenges, which are critical for organizations and communities to thrive today and remain competitive in the dynamic environment of tomorrow.


The division creates symbiotic relationships and collaborations among all stakeholders in the management consulting field, including renowned and emerging scholars, consulting practitioners, industry professionals, and executives. These relationships and collaborations provide members with a purpose and resource for knowledge creation, real-world application, and problem-solving.


The division has abundant, diverse skills to utilize for the good of all and the growth of management consulting. The division aims for enhanced engagement through global outreach to members to grow relationships and collaborations. Therefore, we encourage all members to participate in the division's activities. 


As the division chair, I will keep you informed about the activities and actions that need your contributions and participation. I also value your feedback about how the division's leadership serves you and your interests. Please do not hesitate to send your feedback directly to me at sxa505@case.edu.


Sincerely at your service,


Shola Ajiboye, Ph.D.

MC Division Chair.

About the MC Division

The purpose of the Management Consulting Division is to (1) advance knowledge and understanding of management consulting and (2) aid in the development of consultants from the perspectives of research, practice and teaching. The Division has a dual focus on both the process of consulting and the consulting industry, with an underlying goal of creating a bridge that integrates scholarship and practice.

Our members are concerned with interdisciplinary and integrative approaches related to established and major practice areas of consulting, ranging from strategy and human resource management to information technology. Major topics include: the consulting process, client-consultant relationships, ethical issues in consulting, the roles and responsibilities of academics in the field, the role of consultants in change initiatives, the management of consulting firms, the marketing of consulting, and the expanding role of consultants in organizations and society.

Each year during the Academy of Management meeting, the division offers a rich array of Professional Development Workshops, insightful scholarly papers and interactive symposia, and distinguished speakers – all intended to meet the needs and interests of our membership.

Join the Conversation

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