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A World Where You Own Nothing?!

  • 1.  A World Where You Own Nothing?!

    Posted 02-11-2024 16:38

    A World Where You Own Nothing?!

    A 45 min. Zoom Event on Property Rights Theory (PRT)

    Date/Time: Monday, January 29, from 16:00 to 16:45 CET.

    A world without property rights would not only mean no legal ownership or an inability to exclude others from using or accessing assets, resources, or property, it would also mean the absence of legal framework to establish and protect ownership. A lack of legal infrastructure would increase interfirm friction, reduce resource conservation, and economic development would decline due to a lack of incentives for investment and entrepreneurship. The absence of property rights, then, would disrupt and upend societal norms, legal systems, and economic frameworks.

    If having property rights is so central and valuable, why is it that management scholars take property rights theory (PRT) for granted? What are the conceptual and empirical costs that management scholars pay when diverse fields-e.g., strategy, entrepreneurship, international business, innovation, and even social issues and OB/HR-pay very little attention to PRT? Addressing these and other questions motivated the Journal of Management Studies to launch a Call for a Special Issue on the topic of PRT.

    If you want to learn more about PRT and the Special Issue, please join our 45 min. presentations and discussion about the theory and its implications for management research.


    ~3 min: Opening and Welcome - Jay Barney

    ~5 min: A brief introduction of Property Rights Theory (PRT) - Nicolai Foss

    ~5-7 min: Applied illustrations of PRT in action - Gideon Markman

    ~5-7 min: Research questions that urgently need redressing - Heli Wang

    ~5-7 min: PRT in the context of adjacent theories (TCE, RBV, etc.) - Nicolai Foss

    ~16-22 min: Discussion, Q&A, and wrap up - Kun Liu

    Total Time: ~45 min.

    Zoom Link: https://durhamuniversity.zoom.us/j/2240213171?omn=97467687165

    *No registration is required, but we hope to engage the attendees, so please consider notifying Gemma Parkinson that you plan to attend this online event.

    Gideon Markman
    Full Professor
    Colorado State University
    Fort Collins CO