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MCD Results Elections 2022

  • 1.  MCD Results Elections 2022

    Posted 05-27-2022 04:21

    Dear members of the Management Consulting Division:

     It is my pleasure to announce to the Policy Group the results of the elections 2022. The members elected as officers of the MCD are as follows.

     PDW Chair 2022-2023

    • Jeremy Salmeron.

     Representatives At Large 2022-2024.

    • James Childre.
    • Pierre El-Haddad.
    • Jennie Walker.

     Please join me to congratulate these new officers and wish them the best in our division. They will need your support and dedication. Please offer them your guidance and suggestions to help them in their tasks.

    I also want to praise the members who have been voting for this election. The opinion and contribution of all the members of the division is important. Thank you for your support.

     Best regards,

     Daniel Degravel.

    MCD Chair 2021-2022.



    Daniel Degravel
    Full Professor
    California State Univ Northridge
    Northridge CA
    (310) 254-4002