Distinguished Scholarship Award

Criteria for Award:
The STR Distinguished Scholarship Award shall be awarded biannually for a discovery of major importance in strategic management. The award recognizes an individual or individuals that have either made a specific theoretical or empirical discovery or have developed a core set of ideas that fundamentally advanced research and understanding in the field of strategic management. Thus, priority is given to the discovery’s importance to the field, with secondary priority weighted toward more recent discoveries, rather than the accumulation of disparate body of work. Individuals who are or have been active participants of the division are eligible.
In choosing among the nominees, the Awards Committee will assess how the development of the field would have differed if it did not have the benefit of the contribution (i.e., was it a next logical step in the scientific progress or did the individual(s) do something that was really unexpected

Process of Nomination and Selection:
Nominations for the STR Distinguished Scholarship Award will be saught from the STR Division membership, as well as from the STR Award Committee, prior winners of the Award, STR Executive Committee and Officers, and prior STR Chairs.
The STR community should nominate individuals who meet the criteria for the award and highlight what is the discovery of major importance in strategic management. No self-nominations are accepted.


Kathleen Eisenhardt (Stanford University) & Daniel Levinthal (University of Pennsylvania)


Margaret Peteraf  (Dartmouth U.) & Jay Barney (U. of Utah)