Resources for Teaching with Artificial Intelligence (AI) **NEW**

Are you interested in ideas on how to best incorporate generative artificial intelligence (AI) into your teaching? If so, we recommend you explore the resources below. We would like to thank members of the STR community for sharing resources on this topic and welcome suggestions for additional resources.
Resources Specific to Strategy Teaching with AI
  • Virtustrat ( -, is a tool created by Michael Olenick and Peter Zemsky that melds the precision of AI with the wisdom of time-honored strategic tools. It is an interactive tool that links a tried-and-tested strategy toolkit as a plug-in to the generative AI underlying Chat GPT. For workshops, demos, seminars or speaking engagements you can contact
  • Can GenAI Do Strategy? - This November 23, 2023 Harvard Business Review article written by Michael Olenick and Peter Zemsky presents a classroom experiment that compared a strategy developed by a team of MBA students in the traditional way with one developed using the Virtustrat virtual AI assistant. The results of the two independent processes were largely similar, with the AI-assisted strategy being, if anything, more original. The difference? The students took a week and the AI just 60 minutes.

General AI Teaching Resources

  • Wharton Interactive Crash Course: Practical AI for Instructors and Students - In this five-part Crash Course (a set of YouTube videos created in August 2023), Wharton Interactive's Faculty Director Ethan Mollick and Director of Pedagogy Lilach Mollick provide an overview of AI large language models for educators and students. They take a practical approach and explore how the models work, and how to work effectively with each model, weaving in your own expertise. They also show how to use AI to make teaching easier and more effective, with example prompts and guidelines, as well as how students can use AI to improve their learning.
  • Wharton Interactive - Teaching With AI - This website offers a number of AI tools including a Leadership Simulation (The Saturn Parable), an Entrepreneurship Game, white papers and sample AI policies for class syllabi.
  • How Does AI Impact Education? - Wharton professor Ethan Mollick joins Eric Bradlow, vice dean of Analytics at Wharton, to discuss AI’s impact on education: How is generative AI being used by students? Should teachers embrace AI in the classroom? Their conversation touches on the latest developments in ChatGPT and other generative AI tools, and how they will affect educators and the workforce at large.
  • How Harvard Business School Uses Generative AI In Its MBA Classrooms - March 13, 2024 Poets & Quants Article
  • University of Virginia's Generative AI in Business - Here you'll find a collection of the resources from the UVA Darden School of Business for those seeking to learn more about generative AI (GenAI) and its impact on MBA curriculum and instruction.

Do you have a resource or best practice for teaching with AI that would benefit the STR community? Please contact STR Teaching Committee member Paul Seaborn ( or "create a new library entry" in the Online Teaching materials folder on the Teaching Resources Library page.