STR Teaching YouTube Videos (PDWs, Workshops, Symposia)

At the annual Academy of Management Conference, STR scholars regularly organize Professional Development Workshops (so-called PDWs). The STR Division also offers Virtual PDWs throughout the year. The goal of these workshops is to help other scholars and some of these PDWs are focused on teaching. The most recent PDWs with available online recordings are listed below and also collected in a STR Teaching Discussion Playlist on YouTube.

STR Virtual Symposium: Empowering real-world change through STR teaching (May 1, 2024)  **NEW**

This session explores how strategy scholars and educators can impact changes in firms and individuals' careers through their teaching. The four panelists discuss the relevance of strategic management (STR) teaching in the current environment, the critical insights they bring to students, and the impact of STR teaching on students' careers and firms' progress. Panelists:
Keyvan Vakili from London Business School, Min Jung Kim from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Ilaria Orlandi from Copenhagen Business School, Russ Coff from University of Wisconsin-Madison. The session is organized and hosted by Florence Honoré (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Louise Mors (Copenhagen Business School).

STR Teaching Discussion: Teaching-Inspired Research and Research-Inspired Teaching (April 26, 2024)  **NEW**

This virtual event offer perspectives from three strategy scholars on how teaching and research interact. You'll hear examples of how teaching sparked a research idea or how research is used in teaching from Rahul Kapoor (Wharton), Olga Hawn (UNC-Chapel Hill), and Jeffrey York (Colorado). 

Organizers: Nathan Furr (INSEAD) and Jennifer Kuan (Cal State Monterrey Bay) with special thanks to Juan Santallo Mediaville (IE) and Deepak Somaya (Illinois).

STR Virtual Teaching Workshop on Immersive Learning (Nov 11, 2023)
Strategy is often taught through case studies and lectures but there is an opportunity to engage students in new ways that increase their attention and retention of key concepts. This session explores using different immersive learning techniques to teach strategy. Specifically it explores applications such as virtual reality, mediated workshops, and activity-based learning as tools to engage students. Viewers will hear from colleagues about the pros and cons of using these tools to teach strategy.

Organizers: Nathan Furr (INSEAD) and Jennifer Kuan (Cal State Monterrey Bay)Featured faculty: Michael Leatherbee: Mediated Workshops, Liz Adair: Activity-Based Learning, Ithai Stern: Virtual Reality.

STR Virtual Symposium: Innovations in Strategy Teaching (May 5, 2023)
How can generative AI, machine learning, 3D printing, AI ethics, and other cutting-edge topics and tools be incorporated into the strategy curriculum? How can the traditional strategy canon be broadened to include new emerging themes such as entrepreneurial grand challenges and environmental sustainability? How can business schools innovate at the course and program levels to adapt strategy education for today’s dynamic business environment? This virtual event explores innovations in teaching strategic management. A panel of leading strategy scholar-teachers share their own experiences, learnings, and best practices for innovating in strategy teaching, both in terms of new content and pedagogical practices.

Panelists: J.P. Eggers (New York University), Emily Cox Pahnke (University of Washington), Dan Wang (Columbia University). Organizers: This event is organized by Jennifer Kuan (Cal State Monterey Bay) in conjunction with Andrea Contigiani (Ohio State) and the STR Teaching Committee.

STR Panel: Integrating Strategy Teaching and Book Writing: Interactions & Pedagogical Opportunities (Dec 18, 2022)

In this panel discussion event, three strategy scholars who are also recent book authors discuss the interaction between strategy teaching and book writing:
  • Glenn Carroll, Stanford University. Co-author of Making Great Strategy: Arguing for Organizational Advantage (Columbia Business School Publishing, 2021)
  • Tammy Madsen, Santa Clara University. Co-author of Co-Innovation Platforms: A Playbook for Enabling Innovation and Ecosystem Growth (Palgrave MacMillan Press, 2022)
  • Jesper Sørensen, Stanford University. Co-author of Making Great Strategy: Arguing for Organizational Advantage (Columbia Business School Publishing, 2021)
This event was co-organized by Jennifer Kuan (Cal State Monterey Bay) in conjunction with the STR Teaching Committee. The panelists discuss (1) how teaching inspired and informed their book writing; (2) the pedagogical aims of their book; (3) how strategy books can inform and be incorporated into strategy teaching. The discussion is followed by an interactive audience Q&A.


STR Teaching PDW: The Rules and Tools of Digital Strategy (May 11, 2022)
The confluence of the physical and digital worlds, led by globalization and continuing advances in technology and innovation, has three kinds of businesses – physical, digital, and Internet of Things (IoT). The economics and strategy of the three kinds of businesses are quite different from each other. The PDW is structured around two key themes, the rules and tools of digital strategy. The economic principles ("rules) that underpin digital strategy include, among others, network effects, non-rivalry, and zero marginal cost. The "tools" of digital strategy include digital technologies, like AI, robotics, cloud computing, and data analytics, and digital business models, such as product-as-a-service (PaaS), data monetization, and platforms and ecosystems.

Speakers: Vinod Jain, Lokesh Kumar (Cofounder,, and Sridharan Rangarajan (Vice President –Platform, Viessmann Group).

STR Teaching Discussion: Incorporating Research into Strategy Teaching (Apr 30, 2022)
This virtual event explores the intersection between teaching and research in strategic management. The discussion focuses on both how to effectively incorporate research into teaching and how to do research through teaching.

Speakers: Linus Dahlander (ESMT Berlin), Riitta Katila (Stanford University), and Brian Silverman (University of Toronto). Co-organized by Andrea Contigiani (

STR PDW - Teaching Business Model Innovation: Tips, Techniques And Tools (Jan 29, 2022)

The business model of firms refers to a strategic, system-level, holistic construct which depicts the ways in which firms do business. Business model innovation refers to the commercial introduction of a business model that is new to the product market(s) space(s) in which the focal firm competes. The number of courses on business model innovation offered in strategy and entrepreneurship programs at universities has been significantly increasing in recent years. The PDW is designed to offer tips, techniques and tools, and share experiences on best practices and rigorous analytical methods for teaching business model innovation. The PDW provides a coherent perspective on the business model innovation teaching (and research) and offer new insights to guide future course development and academic inquiry.

Organizers: Yuliya Snihur, Toulouse Business School, Christoph Zott, IESE Business School, Raphael Amit, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

STRonger Together Virtual PDW: Tackling the Tough Teaching Problems (Nov 20, 2020)

Are you worried about having to teach online for the first time? Do you have burning questions about what pitfalls to expect and how to avoid them? Are you wondering whether teaching in a COVID world provides a unique opportunity to refresh your course but are you unsure how to go about it? Then this workshop may be for you! The STR Division is excited to announce our teaching workshop: Tackling the tough teaching problems: Fully online, hybrid, blended, and face-to-face teaching in a COVID world.

The workshop brings together Strategy scholars to discuss, in the form of a conversation, their experiences of teaching in four formats in the COVIDworld: Fully online, hybrid, blended, and face-to-face. We examine several topics relevant to each teaching format to provide workshop participants with first-hand accounts and advice for how not only to survive a new teaching format, but how to make it good…and hopefully great.

Speakers: Russ Coff (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Tammy Madsen (University of Santa Clara); Mahka Moeen (University of North Carolina); Charlie Williams (Bocconi University). These scholars will be joined in conversation by members of the STR Teaching Committee: Giada Di Stefano (Bocconi University); Henning Piezunka(INSEAD); John Mawdsley (HEC Paris). Watch this engaging session here.

STR Virtual PDW - Teaching Strategy Online (July 21, 2020)
This online session on "Teaching Strategy Online" features innovative approaches to teaching strategy using online classes. This session provides participants with an overview of the basic principles and challenges in teaching strategy in online-only settings. We will introduce and provide short demonstrations of teaching online classes, distinguishing between undergraduate, masters and executive level teaching as well as between synchronous and asynchronous classes in the case of online teaching.

Speakers: · Glenn Hoetker (Melbourne Business School) · Chris Bingham (UNC Chapel Hill) · Anu Wadhwa (Imperial College)
Organizers: Peter Murmann (U. of St. Gallen), Pinar Ozcan (U of Oxford), Giada Di Stefano (Bocconi), Ithai Stern (INSEAD)
Please use this link to watch this session. You can view the speakers' slides here