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AOM24 PDW - Navigating Parenthood in Academia

  • 1.  AOM24 PDW - Navigating Parenthood in Academia

    Posted 15 days ago
    Join us at the "From the Minivan to the Empty Nest: Navigating Parenthood in Academia" PDW! This in-person PDW will take place on Saturday, August 10th from 3:15-5:45 in Swissotel, Vevey 2 - Event Centre.
    The PDW is meant to be an open space to discuss experiences navigating parenthood in academia, approaches for managing common challenges, and brainstorm future research directions on parenting at work. Navigating parenthood and academia presents unique challenges for organizational researchers, such as navigating children’s schooling choices amid job market options, making major family decisions during the tenure clock, and balancing parenting demands amid non-traditional work hours and high role demands. This PDW invites a panel of prominent scholars in the field to share their experiences of parenthood within academia, as well as draw upon relevant literature in this space. 
    Panelists: Laura Little, Theresa Glomb, Ken Brown, Marcus Butts, and Kristen Shockley
    Participants will also be invited to participate in breakout table sessions with the discussants and other invited facilitators. This PDW is open to AOM members regardless of their current parent status.
    Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Please complete the pre-registration and optional pre-PDW survey by July 15th, 2024 to help inform a list of topics for the discussions. Early registration is encouraged. Please contact Christina Hymer (chymer@utk.edu) or Patrick Flynn (pflynn@ncsu.edu) if you have any questions.
    We hope you can join us to build a community of parent academics!
    PDW organizers: Patrick Flynn and Christina Hymer

    Christina Hymer
    University of Tennessee
    Knoxville, TN