1. What is the OB Division and how does it fit into AOM?
    • The Organizational Behavior (OB) Division is the largest division within the Academy of Management with over 6,300 members. The Division's specific domain is the study of individuals and groups within an organizational context, and the study of internal processes and practices as they affect individuals and groups. Major topics include: individual characteristics such as beliefs, values and personality; individual processes such as perception, motivation, decision making, judgment, commitment and control; group characteristics such as size, composition and structural properties; group processes such as decision making and leadership; organizational processes and practices such as goal setting, appraisal, feedback, rewards, and behavioral aspects of task design; and the influence of all of these on such individual, group, and organizational outcomes as performance, turnover, absenteeism, and stress.
  2. Why is joining the OB Division of AOM good for my career?
    • The OB Division is a large and diverse division of AoM. As a member you will have the opportunity to meet a large number of people who share your interest in the OB field. Further, the Division has a vast array of resources (see answers to several questions below) that will help you throughout your career. The Division's discussion board and listserv history will give you the opportunity to get answers to your research related questions and learn from division members.
  3. Where do I find information about the OB Division?
  4. I'm a new member of the OB Division. How can I meet other members?
    • Members of the OB Division can be found in several ways:
      • Plan to attend the next AOM annual conference (see http://meeting.aomonline.org/ for current details). During the annual conference, OB Division paper sessions, Professional Development Workshops, receptions, and doctoral consortia are all good places to meet OB Division members.
      • On this community page and, in particular, the discussion board.
      • Attend a regional AOM conference near you!
  5. What events does the OB Division sponsor during AOM?
    • The OB Division sponsors a large number of Professional Development Workshops, paper sessions, and symposia, as well as doctoral consortia, a junior faculty workshop, and other research and career-related workshops.
    • The social events that the OB Division sponsors most years include the following:
      • OB/HR Welcome Reception
      • OB Division Awards and Celebration
      • OB Division Lifetime Achievement Award Invited Address
      • Making Connections Coffee Hour
      • New Member Networking and Research Forum
  6. How do I get involved in the OB Division?
    • One of the easiest ways to get involved is to volunteer as a reviewer for the annual conference. Once you are signed up as a member, you will receive a request in the fall to register as a reviewer for the annual conference.
    • You can also email the OB Division officers directly. To find the current OB Division officers, click here
    • The Making Connections committee members are also happy to meet you and help where possible. You can find their contact information here.
  7. How could I start research projects with other OB Division members?/ I would like a co-author for some research I'm doing. How can I find someone who shares my interests?
    • Post a message on the OB Division discussion board. You can ask for help and pose questions. From the responses you get you can identify possible co-authors.
    • Identify authors with whom you would like to do research and who you think would be appropriate. Then use the AOM search tool (Click on Directories on the AOM home page) to see if that person is a member of AOM and/or the OB Division.
  8. What should I do if I attend an OB reception where I don't know anyone?
    • Strangely enough, you are likely to see others who don't know anyone usually standing off by themselves. Many new members will wear red OB stickers on their name badges. Go up to them, introduce yourself, and ask them what brings them to the event and or conference. Concentrate on asking questions. If you are doing most of the talking, ask more questions.
    • All members of the Making Connections Committee will be visible throughout the conference, and will be more than happy to talk to you and introduce you to others. In addition, the OB Division officers will be available as well - just say hello!
  9. If I have questions about the OB Division or AOM in general who should I contact prior to the meetings?
    • Please feel free to contact any of the Division Officers as they are here to help you and want you to get the most out of the OB Division and your conference experience.
  10. How do I meet other PhD students in the OB Division?
    • At the annual conference, you could attend the OB Division Doctoral consortium or the New Doctoral Student Consortium or Professional Development Workshops geared at students.
    • Go to the AOM homepage, scroll over "Networking & Communities" in the top menu, and click on "Directories" from the list. On the next page, click the link for "Member Directory". On the next page, select "Organizational Behavior" as the division, and "Student Member" as the member type. You will also have to select some other filter, such as State or Country, because there are too many names to list all of them.
  11. How could I get in contact with other AOM members that are new to the OB Division?
    • On the AOM website you can find members that have joined AOM within the last month. If you click on Directories, at the top of the page, select the link for "New Members This Month".
  12. How do I locate other OB Division members that I want to meet at the conference?
    • Once you have registered at the conference, sign into the Annual Online Meeting Program. Scroll down to the Search box. Type in the name of the person you want to find and click Search. You will be able to identify the time and location of the sessions in which that person is participating.
  13. What are the main academic conversations in the OB Division?/ How can I hear the views of other members in the Division?
    • Visit and/or subscribe to the discussion board
    • Attending the AOM annual conference is important to find out what other members are researching and talking about.
  14. How do I find out what is happening in the OB Division (leadership, executive committee)?
    • Visit the OB community page often for news and updates!