2021: Allison Gabriel

2021 Recipient: Professor Allison Gabriel, University of Arizona

Colleagues had this to say about Allie’s contributions:


Allison Gabriel is a phenomenal scholar in both the quantity and quality of her work. She has published a whopping 54 papers in peer reviewed articles, in a broad variety of high impact journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and Organizational Research Methods. Allison’s research has made major contributions to popular topics in organizational behavior such as emotional labor, employee motivation, and leadership.


However, Allison has also played a key role in initiating several topics which are also important but historically overlooked in organizational behavior, such as loneliness, exercise, office chit-chat, breastfeeding in the workplace, and menopause. Few organizational behavior scholars are so effective in revealing the importance of topics which have traditionally been seen as out-of-bounds for our discipline. Moreover, Allison is known for not only implementing cutting edge tools to conduct rigorous empirical research, but also helping the entire discipline to extend existing empirical capabilities in the topic areas of emotions, motivation, and employee well-being.


For example, in addition to her many papers which utilize sophisticated experience sampling methods, her 2015 Academy of Management Journal article providing continuous ratings of emotional labor showed the field how sophisticated this research can truly be. Similarly, her 2020 Academy of Management Journal article examining breastfeeding at work is a model paper for leveraging the complementary strengths of qualitative and quantitative research methods (and this year’s winner of Best Publication in OB!).


She is also a consummate citizen and has been invited to join 4 editorial boards, including the Journal of Applied Psychology and Personnel Psychology. In 2018 she won outstanding reviewer awards at both Journal of Management and Personnel Psychology. Her achievements have led to an invitation to serve as Associate Editor at the Journal of Applied Psychology. It is clear that Allie has an immense capacity for work and a passion for giving back to the field through her service, and we feel this should be recognized as occurring alongside her distinguished scholarship. Overall, her combination of unique conceptual insights and rigorous empirical study has enabled Allison to serve as a world class scholar who has made world class contributions to the field of organizational behavior.