2022: Jessica Rodell

2022 Recipient: Professor Jessica Rodell, University of Georgia

Jessica Rodell has published over 20 papers in high profile management journals, such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, and Harvard Business Review. She has published research on several important topics which are focused on understanding what contributes to beneficial work experiences, including trust, justice, meaningfulness, and stress. However, her most distinct research has focused on employee volunteering. This was a topic which was essentially absent from the management literature, and Jessica established theoretical and empirical footholds for this literature to emerge. In so doing, she has leveraged several different types of research designs, organizational settings, and analytical tools. Her research has been cited well over 5,000 times, with an increasing number of per-year citations each year of her career. Jessica has also served as an important hub for developing the scholarly work of others, including serving as an Associate Editor at Academy of Management Journal and publishing research with 9 different