2022 John Hollenbeck

2022 John Hollendeck


Sponsored by the Organizational Behavior Division and established in 2005, the OB Division Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes senior scholars who have made exceptional contributions to our discipline throughout their careers. To be eligible for the award, an individual must have completed his or her PhD (or finished his or her training/education) at least twenty years ago. Second, the individual must be a truly outstanding scholar. He or she will have published in the very best journals, and conducted research that has had a significant impact on the field. Third, recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award have contributed not only through their scholarship, but through service to the field. For example, they may have served as editors of leading journals, held leadership positions with the Division or the Academy, and/or been exceptional teachers and mentors for doctoral students. Nominations are accepted from all OB Division members.

Here is what colleagues had to say about Michael’s excellent contributions:

John Hollenbeck is a scholar’s scholar. His ground-breaking research began in the 1980s and has continued each and every year to the present. Having a significant impact on one field is remarkable enough, but as Jason Colquitt wrote, “John has fundamentally changed – and in some cases created – no fewer than three literatures, including goal commitment, team decision making, and multiteam systems.” Indeed, John’s name is synonymous with these literatures, not to mention his notable contributions to human resource management, research design, and data analysis. As Mo Wang noted, John gravitates toward “grand challenges – significant, unresolved problems – rather than [to] studies that only move the field forward incrementally.” And few OB scholars have been more prolific in doing so – he has 31 articles in the Journal of Applied Psychology alone! John has also been a pillar of the OB community, serving in a variety of leadership roles, from AOM’s Board of Governors to the Editor-in-Chief for Personnel Psychology to chairing the HR Division. He is also fondly known for his mentorship of doctoral students. John has chaired 30 dissertations and served as a committee member for nearly 40 more. As one of his proteges, Jeff LePine, remarked: “In discussions with my own doctoral students, I always point to John as being the paragon of what it means to be an extraordinary contributor.” Finally, John has earned a slew of richly-deserved awards over his distinguished career, including the Career Achievement Award and the Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award from the HR Division, the Mentorship Award from the OB Division, the Distinguished Career Service Contributions Award from SIOP, the McGrath Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Study of Groups from INGroup, and numerous teaching awards from Michigan State University. John doesn’t just tick all the boxes that define our profession, he exemplifies them.