2020 Susan Ashford

Susan Ashford

Sponsored by the Organizational Behavior Division, and established in 2005

The OB Division's Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes senior scholars who have made exceptional contributions to our discipline throughout their careers.

The 2020 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award is Susan Ashford, the Michael and Susan Jandernoa Professor of Management and Organizations at the University of Michigan.

Here is what colleagues had to say about Sue’s excellent contributions:
The depth and breadth of Sue Ashford’s scholarship over 30 years is remarkable and makes her a most distinguished role model in the field. Her work is notable not only for its rigor and relevance, but also its foresight. She foresaw the rise of work insecurity, the importance of finding voice towards superiors, and granting/claiming leadership before these became mainstream issues for scholars and managers. Furthermore, she has been a role model and advisor for some of the brightest stars in contemporary OB. Her enduring generativity as a scholar, it seems, is only equal to her generativity as a mentor. As she has advanced in her career, Sue has taken on a special role in mentoring women in the division. She takes the time to have one-on-one conversations with women; she encourages and supports them. She is accessible and without pretense. In our view, Sue Ashford is a role model of what “senior” scholars in OB should be: Active and engaged in research, a visible player in the academy, and a committed mentor of the next generation. And her concern for the field of OB is equal to her concern for individuals in the workplace. She truly deserves this honor.
Many thanks to the award committee: Gretchen Spreitzer (Chair, a non-voting member), Gianpiero Petrigilieri, Joyce Bono, Carrie Leana & Scott Sonenshein