2014 Victor Vroom


Victor Vroom is a Professor of Management and Psychology at Yale University.

As the Award Committee and Nominators aptly noted:
"Victor Vroom is a master theoretician, having given us both the expectancy theory of motivation and the Vroom-Yetton model of leadership. He has been a pioneer in our field over the past sixty years with contributions to the fundamental disciplines of psychology, industrial /organizational psychology, human motivation, decision science, leadership behavior, and organizational behavior. With more than 70 articles and chapters, and 9 books, his body of work has been cited more than 20,000 times. Victor's research and writing on expectancy theory has defined how scholars and students have come to understand and build upon our understanding of motivation. Victor's equally pioneering work on leadership and decision making challenged the universalistic orthodoxy of single best components of leadership. He has also received numerous awards for his research and career contributions. Victor Vroom is a foundational figure in the field, a thought leader both within the academic community and without."
Many thanks to the award committee: Jone Pearce (chair), Arthur Brief, Lynn Shore, John Schaubroeck and M. Susan Taylor.