2020 Jane Dutton

Jane Dutton
Sponsored by the Antwerp Management School

The OB Division Mentorship Award recognizes a scholar who has excelled at mentoring others in achieving their career objectives through moral, social, and intellectual support.

The 2020 recipient of the Mentorship Award is Jane Dutton!

Jane is the Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor Emerita, University of Michigan

Here are some highlights of what the letter writers and committee had to say about Jane:

“Jane has a unique approach among mentors to help each of us to find, embrace, and pursue who we most want to be, as scholars, and as people. This is a selfless and difficult act, for it has shaped as many scholars as it has people who have taken different paths in their lives.”

“Jane unabashedly cares.”

“Jane is like salt. She enhances the “flavor” of the lives she touches.”

“I think that what is a more remarkable form of Jane’s social support is the way that she has influenced a number of people – including myself – to build entire communities of scholars to support each other.”

Congratulations, Jane!  And thank you to the award committee: Hannes Leroy (chair), Lisa Dragoni, John Hollenbeck, John Mathieu & Sharon Parker.