2017 John Mathieu

Sponsored by the Antwerp Management School

Each year the OB Division honors a scholar with the Mentorship Award. The award is sponsored by Antwerp Management School.

The 2017 recipient of the Mentorship Award is John Mathieu.

John Mathieu is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Management at the University of Connecticut, and holds the Friar Chair in Leadership and Teams at UConn. The letter writers and committee had the following to say about John:
John has been an exceptional mentor for over 25 years to individuals across multiple disciplines and career paths. John is a tireless advocate not just for his students but for many friends and colleagues at all stages of their careers. Over the years John has touched the lives and careers of countless OB scholars. He offers intellectual support by teaching students theory and methods, guiding them to ask tough questions, seek answers, and for pushing students in ways that build their intellectual curiosity. John provides genuine social support and encouragement by listening deeply, fostering introductions from across his vast professional network, and sincerely wanting people to succeed. Finally, John offers exceptional moral support by investing his time and energy in others. He is a consistent source of career support and advice, coaching and mentoring others about how to manage the different challenges and priorities of a rich and fulfilling academic career.
Thank you to John for all of the many ways he has touched the lives of his students, friends, and colleagues.

Thank you to the award committee for their efforts in making this happen: Sharon Parker, Dan Cable, Lisa Dragoni, John Hollenbeck, Elizabeth Morrison, and Daan van Knippenberg.