SAP Reading Club

AOM SAP Reading Club “Behind the Scene”

Program 2023-24

In the 2023-24 academic year, Reading Club: Behind the Scenes will welcome a group of highly accomplished scholars around the globe, at various career stages, to discuss the challenges they have encountered in their journey of conducting and publishing qualitative studies. Under the broad theme of “What is the challenge(s) here?”, they will share their experiences, insights, and tips that will surely be valuable and resonating.

So, what are the challenges here? It’s a mystery. We won’t know until we hear their stories. You will also have the opportunity to share your challenges and ask for advice from our excellent guest speakers below.

Session #1 with Charlotte Cloutier and Fannie Couture
Comfortably Uncomfortable: Unpacking the Micro-Dynamics of Field Stability and Change, Academy of Management Journal
November 3rd, 4pm (UK)

Session #2 with Corentin Curchod
Working for an algorithm: Power asymmetries and agency in online work settings, Administrative Science Quarterly
January 31st, 4pm (UK)

Session #3 with Scott Sonenshein
When the symphony does jazz: How resourcefulness fosters organisational resilience during adversity, Academy of Management Journal
6th March 2024

Session #4 with Tammar Zilber
Narrating Institutional Logics into Effect: Coherence Across Cognitive, Political, and Emotional Elements, Administrative Science Quarterly
April 10th, 2024, 4 pm (UK)

All the sessions last one hour, live on Zoom. Registration opens now open
here. Stay tuned for more in 2024!


Program 2022-23

We are pleased to continue the SAP Reading Club: “Behind the Scene” Series. This year, we continue to invite highly accomplished authors at various career stages to share their experiences in the challenging process of publishing in leading journals.

Four sessions are scheduled on a range of highly challenging issues, from reshaping theory and reframing a paper to handling complex findings and addressing comments.

#1: Reshaping theory in a reviewing process, with Madeleine Rauch and Shaz Ansari
Waging War from Remote Cubicles: How Workers Cope with Technologies That Disrupt the Meaning and Morality of Their Work, Organization Science
23rd Nov 2022

#2: Reframing for a different journal, with Vern Glaser
Making Snowflakes Like Stocks: Stretching, Bending, and Positioning to Make Financial Market Analogies Work in Online Advertising, co-authors: Peer C. Fiss, Mark Thomas Kennedy, Organization Science
25th Jan 2023

#3: Writing, rewriting, and rewriting it again: the journey to get complex findings to publication, with Paula Jarzabkowski
The social practice of coevolving strategy and structure to realize mandated radical change, co-authors: Jane Lê, Julia Balogun, Academy of Management Journal
29th Mar 2023

#4: Addressing comments in an R&R, with Ona Onajomo Akemu and Samer Abdelnour
Confronting the Digital: Doing Ethnography in Modern Organizational Settings, Organizational Research Methods
24th May 2023

Program 2021-22

We are pleased to announce our upcoming events in the SAP Reading Club new series in the academic year of 2021-2022: Behind the Scenes. In this periodic event, we invite highly accomplished scholars to share their insights and their experiences of publishing qualitative research and surviving reviewing processes.

#1: Practices under the Microscope, with Neil Thompson and Orla Byrne
Imagining Futures: Theorizing the Practical Knowledge of Future-making, Organization Studies
May 18th 2022

#2: Writing for high-impact journals, with Fleur Deken and Hans Berends
Strategizing and the Initiation of Interorganizational Collaboration through Prospective Resourcing, co-authored by Gerda Gemser and Kristina Lauche, Academy of Management Journal
March 29th 2022

#3: Writing for practitioners, with Eric Knight and Jarryd Daymond
Design-Led Strategy: How to Bring Design Thinking into the Art of Strategic Management, co-authored with Sotirios Paroutis, California Management Review
October 20th 2021

#4: Writing about methods, with Anne Smith and Paula O'Kane
Building Transparency and Trustworthiness in Inductive Research Through Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software, co-authored with Mike Lerman, Organizational Research Methods
December 8th 2021

Program 2020-21

Starting out the Reading Club.


#1 Meeting: Blending topics, with David Seidl

Sensemaking meets collaboration & open strategy, co-authored by Felix Werle, Strategic Management Journal
May 5th 2021

#2 Meeting, with Davide Nicolini
Practice theories meets practices and processes in entrepreneurship context, co-authored by Maja Korica, Organization Science
June 2nd 2021