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The SAP Vlog (Video + blog = Vlog) publishes 5–10 min interviews with authors of work that has extended our understanding of the practice of strategy-making. Such interviews provide viewers with behind-the-scences insights into the origins and developments of the ideas that these works advance, as well as retrospective reflections on the timeliness and reception of these ideas in contemporary discourses. Thus, depending on the specific interests of the interviewer(s), some of the questions that one might ask include:
  • What inspired you to write this paper/chapter/book?
  • How did you negotiate access to this case?
  • How did you share the analysis tasks among the co-authoring team?
  • Which other themes, not included in this piece, were prevalent in your data?
  • Looking back, what would you have done differently?
  • Looking forward, how would you like contemporary research to build on and extend your work?

Interested? How to Create a Vlog Post

  1. Contact the contact person on the right to make sure that no one is already creating a Vlog post on the same paper/chapter/book.
  2. Ask the author of a paper/chapter/book that you would like to spotlight for an interview.
  3. Download Screenflow or an alternative screen-recording device.
  4. Conduct the interview (5–10 min) via e.g. Skype, Zoom, or another software and record it.
  5. Send the video to Anna. We will upload it along with meta-data.

Interviews with Award Winners

From 2019 onwards, SAP will feature interviews with recipients of SAP awards of the annual Academy of Management Meeting. These interviews provide “behind the scenes”-insights on what makes groundbreaking SAP research!

List of Vlog Posts and Interviews with Award Winners