SAP Webinars


In the webinar series, leading SAP scholars introduce SAP newcomers to the foundations of SAP research and provide more advanced participants with added clarity around core issues related to strategizing activities and practices, allowing for hands-on learning. Several past webinars can be watched on YouTube - just click on the title of a talk. 


Karin Berglund, David Oliver
Apr 19
SAP meets ENT/EAP Webinar "Identity Work"
Julia Hautz, Boukje Cnossen
May 11 R
Martha Feldman, Rangapriya (Priya) Kanna
Madalina Pop, Sarah Stanske, and Tania Räcke
Jul 12
SAP@SMS meets SAP @AOM Webinar "Community Dialogue Event"


Vern Glaser, Luciana D'Adderio


Matthias Wenzel, Katrina Pritchard, Rebecca Whiting
Feb 23 [slides1] [slides2]
Webinar "Digital Strategizing & SAP Research"


Georg Reischauer, Giulia Solinas, Christina Wawarta
Webinar "Processes and practices of digital strategizing: Perspectives and avenues for future research" at AOM 2020