Pushing the Boundary Award

Matthew James Hurst, Davide Nicolini, Rene Wiedner 
Warwick Business School
We Get Them Running Through Walls: Strategizing via an Indignation-Based Moral Battery

Rene Wiedner
Warwick Business School
Sustenance through Liberation: Vinyl Record Menufacturing after Disruption and Before the Hype

Meri Jalonen and Kathrin Sele
Aalto University

Innovating through Experiments: The Epistemic Nature of Experimenting in Practice


Marko Kohtamäki, Suvi Einola, and Yassine Talaoui
University of Vaasa

Exposing The Contested Frames In Strategy Work: Using Visuals To Bridge The Contested Frames


Matt Thomas, Duncan Angwin, and Karen Dale
Lancaster University
The Effects of Spatial Configuration on Opportunities for Emergent Strategy Making


Charlotte Cloutier and Jean-Pascal Gond
HEC Montréal; City, University of London

Is This a Worthy Strategy? Critique, Justification and Evaluation in the Practice of Strategy

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