2019 Katherine Phillips

Katherine Phillips
Sponsored by the Antwerp Management School

The OB Division Mentorship Award recognizes a scholar who has excelled at mentoring others in achieving their career objectives through moral, social, and intellectual support.

The 2019 recipient of the Mentorship Award is Katherine Phillips!

Katherine is the Reuben Mark Professor of Organizational Character and Director of the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics at the Columbia Business School.

Here are some highlights of what the letter writers and committee had to say about Katherine:

“Although Kathy and I were quite different in many ways, she encouraged me to find confidence in who I am as a scholar, and supported me in finding my own path rather than steering me simply to follow hers. Again, I see this as the mark of a great mentor – helping others become better versions of themselves – not poor imitations of someone else.”

"For me she was like a really good coach – part taskmaster, part sympathetic ear, part cheerleader, and always supportive.”

“This is one of the qualities that make Kathy an amazing mentor, as she truly lives what she studies: embracing the power of diversity to bring out creativity and new ideas from the people she works with.”

“I quickly learned that Kathy did not alter her values, cultural mannerisms, or personality in the workplace. Furthermore, she was respected not for her professional face, but for who she was at her core. And with that – Kathy helped me find my core.”

“Her door was always open for me, her schedule never too busy for a chat, and her accomplishments and recognition never a threat to her warm and approachable character.”

Congratulations, Katherine!  And thank you to the award committee: Hannes Leroy (chair), Lisa Dragoni, John Hollenbeck, John Mathieu, Elizabeth Morrison, and Sharon Parker.