2022-23 Social Class in Research And Practice

For the 2022 meeting, the OB Division's plenary "Spotlight" session focuses on SOCIAL CLASS IN RESEARCH AND PRACTICE.

The session kicks off with a forward-looking perspective on social class research in organizational behavior by Sean Martin (University of Virginia) and Stéphane Côté (University of Toronto). Subsequently, participants in the session engage in roundtable discussions led by a group of expert panelists including Andrea Dittman (Emory), Ray Fang (Boise State), Jennifer Kish-Gephart (University of Massachusetts), Jirs Meuris (University of Wisconsin), and Taylor Phillips (New York University). The session ends with a plenary discussion of key ideas, questions for future research, and considerations for how social class relates to a broad set of management topics. The session is open to, and warmly invites, all interested conference participa