Best Critical Paper

Every year the Division nominates the best paper, based on the review criteria for scholarly papers. There is a prize sponsored by the journal Organization awarded at the Academy of Management meeting.


  • 2023 Anne Antoni (Grenoble Ecole de Management) and Heather Connolly (Grenoble Ecole de Management)
    “We All Stand Together” (Or Do We?): Understanding the Emergence of Solidarity at Work
  • 2022 Paulina Segarra (Universidad Anáhuac México) and Ajnesh Prasad (Royal Roads University)
    Undocumented Immigrants at Work: Invisibility, Hypervisibility, and the Making of the Modern Slave
  • 2021 Orestis Varkarolis (Nottingham Trent University) and Maria Daskalaki (University of Southampton)
    Critical Management Studies and Resisting Degeneration 
  • 2020 Philipp Arnold (European Uni Viadrina, Frankfurt) and Jana Costas (European Uni Viadrina, Frankfurt)
    Doing Violence: Suffering Bodies in a Refugee Arrival Centre
  • 2019 Daniel Nyberg (University of Newcastle) and Christopher Wright (University of Sydney)
    Making Climate Change Fit for Capitalism: The Corporate Translation of Climate Adaptation
  • 2018 Anna Galvez (University Oberta de Cataluny, Francisco Tirado (University Autonoma De Barcelona) and Jose M.Manuel Alcarez (Munich Business School)
    Micro-Resistance in Teleworking. Tactics and Subjectivity in Female Teleworkers
  • 2017 Daniel Nyberg (University of Newcastle), Christopher Wright (University of Sydney), and Jacqueline Kirk (The University of 
    Nottingham/ ICCSR)
    Fracking the Future: Temporality, Framing and the Politics of Unconventional Fossil Fuels

  • 2016 Vanessa Iwowo (London School of Economics)
    In the Eye of the Beholder: Making "Sense" of Leadership Development in Africa
  • 2015 Jonathan Murphy (Cardiff University) and Virpi Orvokki Malin (University of Jyväskylä)
    How does Dialogue Really Take Place in a Democratic Transition?
  • 2014 Stephen Cummings and Todd Bridgman (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
    The Origin of Management is Sustainability: Recovering an Alternative Foundation for Management
  • 2013 Richard Marens (California State University, USA)
    The Second Time Farce: American Business School Ethicists and the Emergence of Bastard Rawlsianism
  • 2012 Maddy Janssens(University of Leuven, Belgium) and Chris Steyaert, (University of St Gallen, Switzerland)
    The Possibilities of Cosmopolitanism and Postcolonialism for an Ethical Stance on International HRM
  • 2011 Jason Glynos (University of Essex, UK), Robin Klimecki (Cardiff Univerity, UK) and Hugh Willmott (Cardiff University, UK)
    On 'Cooling out the Marks' of the Financial Markets: Recuperating Neo-Liberal Normality
  • 2010 Maxim Voronov (Brock University, Canada) and Russ Vince (University of Bath, UK)
    Emotions and Institutions: Insights from Bourdieu and Psychoanalysis
  • 2009 Patrizia Zanoni (Hasselt University, Belgium)
    Diversity in the Lean Automobile Factory: Re-Doing Class along Socio-Demographic Identities.
  • 2008 Todd Bridgman and Stephen Cummings (Victoria Management School)
    Strawman: The Reconfiguration of Max Weber in Management Textbooks and Why it Matters.
  • 2007 Paul Hibbert (Strathclyde University)
    From Purpose to Passivity: Tradition and Knowledge in Interorganizational Collaboration
  • 2006 Gazi Islam; Ibmec, Sao Pauo & Adam Barsky (University of Melbourne)
    The Sweetest Dreams that Labor Knows: Robert Frost and the Poetics of Work
  • 2005 David Levy (Boston University)
    Hegemony in the Global Factory: Power, Ideology, and Value in Global Production Networks