The CMS Division social media & website editor is Liela A. Jamjoom (University of Business and Technology, Saudi Arabia)

The CMS Division newsletter editor is Kristin S. Williams (Acadia University; University of Eastern Finland)

The newsletter is sent out quarterly to Division members and distributed through the List. It features news relating to the Division, its members and the wider CMS community.

The CMS Division has been invested in featuring news about the research and experiences of PhD students, Early Career Scholars, Members from marginalised groups, and Members new to CMS. Please do contact with news that you have for our Division newsletter.

CMS Division newsletter - February 2024

Including: A look ahead to Chicago #AOM2024, call for #CMS division nominations, early career spotlight with Teddy Carter, recap from the #CMS reviewer development workshop, and developmental article on becoming an enabling editor.

CMS Division newsletter - October 2023

Including: Reflections on #AOM2023 conference in Boston, farewells and welcomes, co-chair updates, a spotlight on the CMS best dissertation award winner Belinda Zakrzewska, and an early career scholar profile Ebru Calin. 

CMS Division newsletter - June 2023

Including: #AOM2023 conference preparations, PDW program, spotlight to our divisional speaker Jo Grady, new awards and award granting process, #AOM2023 award recipients, and early career features: Amal Abdellatif and Darren Thomas Baker. 

CMS Division newsletter - February 2023

Including: Tribute to Anshu Prasad, planning for #AOM2023, keynote announcement: Jo Grady, articles from our best critical dissertation award winners: Genevieve Shananhan and Gaurish Chawla, and Early Career Spotlight: Alejandro Centeno.

CMS Division newsletter - October 2022
Including: Reflections from #AOM2022, CMS award winner highlights, introductions to new executive members: Penelope Muzanenhamo and Mariana Paludi, essay on historical reflections on CMS Division by David Jacobs, and PhD Student Spotlight: Nina Winham.

CMS Division newsletter - June 2022
Including: 2022 Keynote spotlight on Katherine Gibson, essay reflections from CMS scholarship recipients, CMS InTouch anniversary, PhD Student Profile: Kerry Watson Hendricks, and global solidarity statement.

CMS Division newsletter - February 2022
Including: #AOM2022 conference preparations, Special Issue calls for submission, articles on writing a good critical review and the potential of research collaborations, and a celebration of emerging and established CMS scholars: Ellen Shaffner (PhD Student Profile) and Stella Nkomo (ICMS Rosa Luxemburg Award Recipient).

CMS Division newsletter - October 2021
Including: Changes in executive roles, a review of the AOM 2021 program, PDW chairs update, 2021 CMS AOM award winners, a spotlight on running a PDW differently, CMS InTouch update, new member profiles, articles by Penelope Muzanenhamo on courageous activism and Victor Ray on racism in organizations, and this issue’s PhD Student Profile: Tuanyuan Yu.

CMS Division newsletter - June 2021
Including: 2021 Keynote spotlight on Martyna Śliwa, 2020 Best Critical Doctoral Thesis Award winner Karel Musílek, CMS InTouch anniversary, PhD Student Profile: Mary Beth Doucette, Tribute to Debapratim Purkayashta, and solidarity statement against Islamo-Leftism.

CMS Division feature: February 2021
The Academy of Management CMS Executives stand in solidarity with colleagues targeted for redundancy at the University of Leicester.

CMS Division newsletter: October 2020
Including: Changes in CMS AoM executive, AoM 2020 main program, a word from the new PDW chairs, new member spotlight, article by Dr. Josiane Oliveira on racism, organization studies and the “white fear” of the rebellion of desire, CMS InTouch webinars, and a reflection on the 2021 main program.

CMS Division newsletter - December 2019
Including: Call for papers, reviewers and PDW proposals for Vancouver, call for best critical doctoral dissertation award, Dark Side XVIIII, spotlight on Caio César Coelho Rodrigues and CMS division election 2020.

CMS Division newsletter - October 2019
Including: From the CMS newsletter editor, a message from the co-chairs about the Boston annual meeting, reflections on the CMS events in Boston, Spotlight on Paulina Segarra and  thank-you to outgoing co-chairs.

CMS Division newsletter - June 2019
Including: Connect@AOM Launch announcement, highlights for Boston, doctoral student and early career scholar consortia and other calls, spothlight on Sara Persson and thank you to our sponsors.

CMS Division newsletter - March 2019
Including: Connect@AOM Pre-Launch announcement, call for best critical PhD award, spotlight on Jussara J. Pereira, update on division elections , PhD students & early critter portrait and calls for papers.

CMS Division newsletter – December 2018

Including: Reflections on the 2019 Theme of the AOM from the Newsletter Editor, calls for papers, reviewers and PDW proposals for Boston, Best Critical Thesis Award, Dark Side XVIII, spotlight on Marie Hasbi, Social Media update.

CMS Division newsletter – October 2018
Including: A message from the new Division Chair on the challenges facing CMS, reflections on CMS events in Chicago,CMS award winners, spotlight on Ng Kong Man Joey & Stefanie Ruel, Ethics & Inclusion in CMS.

CMS Division newsletter – June 2018
Including: Goodbye from the editor, highlights from Chicago, thanking reviewers, keynote speaker, call for PhD consortium, Division’s renewed mandate, farewell & welcoming of exec members.

CMS Division newsletter – March 2018
Including: Division’s 5-year review, calls for best PhD award & doctoral consortium, Borders of Nations and Scholarship (video link), scholarly program for Chicago, division elections, early critter portrait and other calls.

CMS Division newsletter – December 2017
Including: Looking ahead to next year (from CMS Co-Chairs), calls for papers, reviewers and PDW proposals for Chicago, Best Thesis Award, Dark Side Case Competition, Twitter update.

CMS Division newsletter - October 2017
Including: CMS for our times, reflections on CMS events in Atlanta, a message from the past chair, Division Awards 2017, Spotlight on Seray Ergene, call for papers .

CMS Division newsletter - June 2017
Including: a letter from the editor, highlights for Atlanta, keynote, activist, get out of the hotels, doctoral consortium and other calls, the Jan Schapper Scholarship.

CMS Division newsletter - March 2017
Including: a letter from the editor, “The future of CMS”, AOM announcements including All-Academy Special Session, reflections from Co-Chair Nimruji Jammulamadaka, coming and goings, twitter update.

Quarterly newsletter – December 2016
Including: a letter from the editor, Division calls for AOM Meeting in Atlanta 2017 "Critical Engagement at the Interface", spotlight on early career critter Paulina Segarra.

Quarterly newsletter – October 2016
Including: a message from the division co-chairs on celebrating difference, some numbers and reflections on Anaheim, CMS award winners, spotlight on Saima Rifet, notices, call for papers and PDWs.

Quarterly newsletter – June 2016
Including: a notice from the division chairs on academic “housework” and the distributed nature of CMS; highlights from the division’s main program in Anaheim, various calls, announcements and acknowledgements.

Quarterly newsletter – March 2016
Including: newsletter from the editor; opinions on National CMS Convenors; portrays of Early Career Critters; all Division calls for AOM Meeting Anaheim 2016.

Quarterly newsletter - December 2015
Including: all Division calls for AOM Meeting Anaheim 2016; National CMS Convenors; ethics and inclusion in CMS Division; The Benefits of Print (Terry Clague, Routledge).

Quarterly newsletter - October 2015
Including: creating ethical and inclusive spaces in CMS; retrospective of AOM meeting in Vancouver; news on Division website and social media; 2015 Dissertation competition winner Hamid Foroughi.

Quarterly newsletter - June 2015
Including: Emerald’s Critical Management Studies book series; early career CMS researchers Anindita Banerjee, Toby Paltridge, Kristene Coller; Amon Barros and Bill Cooke on rankings and lists.

Quarterly newsletter - March 2015
Including: remembering Ralph Stablein (1953-2015); news on the 9th International CMS conference, Leicester.

Quarterly newsletter - December 2014
Including: reminiscence on Heather Höpfl (1948-2014); in memory of Jan Schapper (1951-2014); the CMS non-logo.

Quarterly newsletter - October 2014
Including: retrospective of AOM meeting in Philadelphia; details of International Board for CMS.