Solidarity and Support

The Division celebrates difference and in an effort to enable Pluriversal Criticalities pursues relationships of solidarity with other critical scholars. Our solidarity efforts including sharing information, assisting dissemination and even helping with token funding.

We were recently reminded that AOM policy prohibits leaders from taking a stand in the name of the Academy (including its Divisions and Interest Groups, Journals, Committees, etc.), regardless of the individual or leadership team position. This has necessitated the removal of the statement we made as an Executive Committee in respect of the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis. We are also reminded that this organizational policy defines that taking a stand occurs only under rare and exceptional circumstances that pervasively threaten the existence, purpose, or functioning of the AOM. As an Executive Committee, we will be submitting a request for consideration to take a stand. Members are able to do similarly. Please see AOM governance policies webpage for more information, including an FAQ on this topic.

CMS Community and Global Solidarity

Past Solidarity Efforts include:
•Executive level information sharing with international CMS Board
•Local Workshops
•Token funding opportunities

Further Information

•Funding for Scholarly Initiatives
•Application for Sponsorship