Best Student Paper

First awarded in 2014, the Best Student Paper is an award given to an outstanding paper authored solely by students and included in the refereed program.

2023 Best Student Paper 

Ryann Noe (Harvard U.)
"Moral Escalation: Contested Category Emergence and its Consequences in the Toy Industry"

Past Winners

2022 Reuben Hurst (U. of Michigan). "Combating Sociopolitical Stigma with Countervailing Claims: Evidence from Charlottesville."
2021 Ying Li (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)."The show must go on: The role of organizational values in art houses’ identity-violating transformation during COVID-19"
2020 Yusaku Takeda (Harvard Business School). "Enduring Effects of Nationalistic Ideology on Strategy Formation Process: The Case of Nippon Gakki 1938-1960."

2019 Eva-Maria Kirchberger (Imperial College Business School). "Authentic Adaptation as a way out? Response by de novo category pioneers to de alio entrants."

2018 Anjali Bhatt (Stanford Graduate School of Business). "Cultural Transmission and Variation in Organizational Populations: A Formal Model."

2017 Jian Bai Li (N. U. Singapore). "The Dark Side of Embeddedness: When Family Relationships Give Rise to Malfeasance"

2016 Daniel DellaPosta (Cornell University) and Minjae Kim (MIT). "The Fickle Crowd: Selective Differentiation in Cultural Markets"

2015 Tristan L. Botelho (MIT Sloan). “Here’s an Idea: Knowledge Sharing among Competitors to Build a Critical Mass” 

2014 Curtis Kwinyen Chan (Harvard University). “Task Segregation: A Mechanism for Work Inequality”