Junior Faculty Consortium Report

2019 Junior Faculty Consortium (JFC) Report
Joel Gehman, Alberta School of Business
Olenka Kacperczyk, London Business School


This year’s OMT Junior Faculty Consortium (JFC) was a huge success. Below are just a few examples from the many positive comments we received:


I really liked that we had several sessions to actually discuss something specific (the round tables), that they were small and manageable, and that they were interspersed with relevant topic panels with good speakers. Overall, I felt like it was packed with relevant and meaningful topics and interactions.


Thank you very much for everything you did to put together such a great PDW. It was extremely helpful to me. I thought the individuals on the panels were great and I got wonderful feedback on my paper. I really appreciate everything you put into the session. I know that I will benefit from the insights provided by the session moving forward.


Thank you for including me in this year's junior faculty workshop. It was a great experience and a rare opportunity to interact with scholars from everywhere with similar research interest. I appreciate all the hard work that went into organizing it. It was evident with senior faculty assignments that a lot of thought and care went into coordinating this workshop. I want to say that I immensely benefited from attending it. Thank you!


I found this consortium extremely helpful, well-planned, and the most fruitful venue to be in throughout entire programs in AOM.


The event started on Thursday night, with a fantastic networking dinner at Sonsie. Everyone reconvened for breakfast starting at 7:30am on Friday, followed by a full day of panels and roundtables. The attendees included 41 extremely impressive junior faculty from 37 institutions and 10 countries. An amazing 23 faculty served as mentors and panelists throughout the day.

Overall, there was a wonderful exchange of ideas, opportunity to build connections, and ample room for 1:1 discussions of research, teaching and career issues. There were also three panels focused on:

  • Publishing: Building a productive research program, with Christine Beckman, Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Tim Pollock;
  • Impact: Conducting and communicating research that matters, with Johanna Mair, Anne Tsui, Marc Ventresca; and
  • Tenure: Networking and navigating throughout your career, with Sekou Bermiss, Danielle Logue, Emily Cox-Pahnke.

We’d like to acknowledge that a successful JFC is due to the efforts and contributions of all involved, and especially thank the dedicated, tireless senior faculty:

  • Anne Tsui, U. Notre Dame
  • April Wright, U. of Queensland
  • Bala Vissa, INSEAD
  • Brandon Lee, U. of Melbourne
  • Brayden King, Northwestern University
  • Chris Marquis, Cornell University
  • Christine Beckman, U. of Southern California
  • Costas Andriopoulos, City University of London
  • Daniel Beunza, City University of London
  • Danielle Logue, U. of Technology Sydney
  • Emily Cox-Pahnke, U. of Washington
  • Heather Haveman, U. of California, Berkeley
  • Jennifer Howard-Grenville, U. of Cambridge
  • Johanna Mair, Hertie School
  • Marc Ventresca, U. of Oxford
  • Markus Hoellerer, WU Vienna
  • Matthew Grimes, U. of Cambridge
  • Michael Lounsbury, U. of Alberta
  • Sekou Bermiss, U. of Texas, Austin
  • Silviya Svejenova, Copenhagen Business School
  • Tal Simons, Tilburg University
  • Tammar Zilber, Hebrew University
  • Tim Pollock, U. of Tennessee, Knoxville

Finally, a huge thank you for the support of our generous sponsors: Cornell University, Tilburg University, and the University of Alberta.


We look forward to the Junior Faculty Consortium next year in Vancouver and hope that you will consider applying if you are an early career faculty member. Look for an announcement about details and how to apply, expected in spring 2019!


Joel Gehman, University of Alberta and Olenka Kacperczyk, London Business School


The 2019 OMT Junior Faculty Consortium was sponsored by:

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