PDW Chair Report

2019 PDW Chair Report
Martin Kilduff, University College London
2020 OMT Program Chair


The 2019 Academy Meeting in Boston featured a superb, diverse and exciting set of PDWs for OMTers at all stages of their career to meet and engage with each other and to develop our scholarly community. Thanks so much to all our members who submitted, organized, facilitated, and participated in the PDW program for their ideas, enthusiasm, time, and efforts in making OMT the place to be!


In total, we led 39 PDW sessions and co-sponsored 37 on a wide variety of topics. 


Again this year, our PDW sessions included a number of events designed to support our doctoral students and early-career scholars:

  • The OMT Dissertation Proposal Workshop
  • The OMT Doctoral Student Consortium
  • The OMT Junior Faculty Consortium
  • The OMT New and Returning Member Networking and Research Forum


In addition, we offered a high-quality set of methods-oriented workshops where both novel and established, qualitative and quantitative research tools and methods were presented and discussed – among them PDWs on social network analysis, big data, experiments, and ethnography.


Topics debated in our PDWs in 2019 included meaning flows in social networks, stigma research, contemporary lessons from Mary Douglas, socialism in management thought and practice, unsung papers, the fall and rise of corporate forms, and many more.


We also hosted:


In addition to the official PDW program, OMT coordinated numerous Off-Program Events: OMT Cafes, OMT Eats, OMT Drinks, OMT Runs, and OMT Yoga sessions invited OMTers to debate, connect, relax, and find some peace and new friends. All of these were organized by the OMT Membership Group (OMG) led by Emily Block and listed on the OMT Off-Program Events Calendar.


Finally, the 2019 OMT artefact will help our members use their phones more smartly. Make sure to bring it with you next year.

We look forward to having a rich program again in Vancouver in 2020. Eva Boxenbaum, our new PDW chair, wants your PDW submissions. Please contact her with your ideas for innovative PDWs.


In my role as Program Chair, I would also like to encourage you to submit your papers, symposium, and preferred topics for review to the OMT program. The submission system will open in late November and Eva and I both look forward to your submissions.


We all look forward to seeing you in Vancouver in 2020!


Best wishes,

Martin Kilduff

OMT Division 2020 Program Chair