Research Chair Report

2019 OMT Research Committee Chair Report
Mary-Hunter (Mae) McDonnell, The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania
2020 OMT Research Committee Chair (Incoming)


I am thrilled to assume the position of the Research Committee Chair within the OMT Division this year. Led so ably by my esteemed predecessor, Lori Yue, the Research Committee consists of about fifty OMT division members from North America, Europe, and Asia who volunteer their time to help determine award-winning OMT submissions to the Academy of Management Annual Meeting.


As members of the Research Committee, volunteers serve on one of seven sub-committees. Sub-committee members read and rank-order a small subset of manuscripts that have been selected as finalists for awards in the following categories: Best Paper; Best Paper from a Dissertation (Lou Pondy Award); Best International Paper; Best Student Paper; Best Paper on Environmental and Social Practices; Best Paper on Entrepreneurship in OMT; and Best Symposium. The aggregated rankings of sub-committee members determine the winners in each category. The winners of the OMT Lou Pondy Award and Best International Paper automatically qualify as finalists for the Academy of Management’s William H. Newman and Carolyn Dexter awards, respectively. 


In addition to paper awards, we also recognize the most dedicated participants of the Research Committee through an annual OMT Research Committee Service Award. Winners of this year's inaugural award have served in the committee for 5+ years and had stellar records during their tenure. In the future, any member of the OMT Research Committee who serves for five years will be entitled to receive this award. Recipients of this year’s award include: Sekou Bermiss (UT-Austin); Vibha Gaba (INSEAD); Sharon Koppman (UC-Irvine); Jennifer Merluzzi (George Washington University); and Hovig Tchalian (Claremont Graduate University).


Please consider becoming a part of this valuable and rewarding committee in service to the OMT division! You will read some of the finest submissions to the OMT division for this year’s Academy of Management meeting. There are still openings available on the committee, as some members are cycling off after several years of valuable and dedicated service. The work of the Research Committee occurs in a compressed, one-week time period near the end of February, well after the regular AOM review cycle is done. Requirements for inclusion on the Research Committee are that you are a member of the OMT division, an active OMT division reviewer for this year’s Academy Meetings, and that you can commit to being available during the time we review papers for awards.


How do you become a Research Committee member? Contact Mae McDonnell via email. OMT members who volunteer but who cannot be placed on subcommittees this year will be given priority for future openings on the Research Committee.


Become an active part of the OMT division! After all, OMT, the place to be, works because of you!


2019 Best Paper Award Recipients 

At the OMT Business Meeting during the AOM Annual Meetings in Chicago, we announced the winners of the OMT Best Paper Awards. They are:


Louis Pondy Best Dissertation Paper Award

Arvind Karunakaran (Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University), for Navigating status-authority asymmetry between professions: The case of 911 emergency management


Best International Paper Award

Isabel Brüggemann (U. of Cambridge) and Jochem Kroezen (U. of Cambridge), for Turning antagonists into supporters: Establishing legitimacy in hostile environments


Best Paper Award

Colleen Stuart and Roman V. Galperin (Johns Hopkins University), for Extra-organizational determinants of careers: Gendered expert authority and attainment of patent examiners

Best Paper on Environmental and Social Practices Award

Sunasir Dutta (University of Minnesota), Daniel Armanios (Carnegie Mellon University), and Jaison Desai (U.S. Army), for Why physical connectivity still matters: New bridges and entrepreneurship in geographic communities


Best Student Paper Award

Eva-Maria Kirchberger (Imperial College Business School), for Authentic Adaptation as a way out? Response by de novo category pioneers to de alio entrants


Best Entrepreneurship Paper Award

Vera Rocha (Copenhagen Business School), for The impact of entrepreneurship on community integration: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment


Best Symposium Award

Ronald S. Burt (University of Chicago) and Martin J. Kilduff (University College London), for Brokers Behaving Badly


2019 OMT Best Published Paper Award

Finally, at the OMT Business Meeting, we announced the winner of the OMT Best Published Paper Award. This award is given annually to one paper, selected by a committee of OMT members who are editors, associate editors, or editorial board members of major OMT-related journals. This year’s winner is:


Paul M. Leonardi

Social media and the development of shared cognition: The roles of network expansion, content integration, and triggered recalling

Organization Science, 29(4), 547-568


Mary-Hunter (Mae) McDonnell

Research Committee Chair